Full-Time MBA Support

The Graduate Career Center is a key strategic resource for the students enrolled in D’Amore-McKim’s flagship graduate program, the Full-Time MBA. Full-time MBA students attend a comprehensive Career Management Class that enables them to gain knowledge and skills required to effectively manage their careers. The class attracts thought leaders and alumni from multiple industries and professions who provide real-world career context and career management tips. In addition, the class prepares students to engage in a successful Corporate Residency recruiting and job search process

In addition to the networking opportunities listed below, each student in the full-time program works with a dedicated Advisor from the Career Center. This provides the student with a consistent contact over their two years in the program with support during the corporate residency and full-time job search. The Advisor gets to know the student and provides ongoing support. A Career Advisor can help in many stages of the program including choosing where to complete a corporate residency, brushing up on interview skills and even preparing for the first interview of a potential beginning career. Our Advisors are here to help you every step of the way.

Specific Support for Full-Time MBA Students

The Corporate Residency

The Corporate Residency is the central component of the Full-time MBA program, and the Graduate Career Center works hard to ensure it remains a superior business experience for students and employers alike. Students complete a three, six, or twelve-month corporate residency after their first year of MBA classes. This provides them with an opportunity to apply what they’re learning in class while gaining valuable experience. To prepare for the residency, Full-Time MBA students take a Career Management Class. From resumes to career exploration, the course lays the groundwork for finding the right opportunity to launch your career.

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Executive Luncheon Series

Executives of partner companies come to campus for an informal lunch with MBA students. Dine with senior executives to learn more about their company, their industry, and their personal career paths. A schedule will be shared in advance and students may sign up via GTS.

Mentor Matching

The Graduate Career Center matches interested Full-Time MBA students with a mentor in their field during the spring of their first year. Mentors work with students throughout corporate residency and second year classes until graduation, supporting the student in their career exploration journey. Mentors are successful, experienced alumni and other professionals who willingly share their expertise, experience and networking contacts with our students.

Etiquette Breakfast

The Etiquette Breakfast is among the more fun, but no less educational, experiences we provide our Full-Time MBAs. We expect our students to be polished and professional when they graduate, and this educational dining experience gives you the knowledge you’ll need to impress at formal business occasions.

Additional Resources & Networking Opportunities

From Insider Insight Sessions to guest speakers in your classes, you’ll find D’Amore-McKim School of Business makes it a point to put company leaders and your fellow students in meaningful contact. Through LinkedIn and our Alumni Database, we also create opportunities for networking with others who have blazed the MBA trail first. Full-Time MBA students have access to all the various networking opportunities the Graduate Career Center offers.