While digital convergence disrupts industries and jobs, higher education in business—through research and teaching—is a critical component in helping people and industries navigate challenges with digital convergence and turn them into opportunities. We define digital convergence as the integration of the physical, digital, and human resources resulting in consolidated digital and physical ecosystems. This is the future of business, and it requires talented people who can successfully lead it.

Embracing this changing world is mandatory.

The D'Amore-McKim School of Business will embrace opportunities that arise from this changing world by discovering, designing, and delivering the competencies required for thriving in this future. We will position ourselves as a bold and impactful business school that prepares the world for a future rooted in digital transformation and convergence.


  • We educate leaders and thinkers to be prepared for the future of work in a world being shaped by digital convergence.
  • We contribute use-inspired thought to the global business world that empowers companies to be prepared for this future.
  • We foster an inclusive culture of excellence that transforms lives.


D'Amore-McKim will be widely recognized as a preeminent business school that generates impactful knowledge and develops leaders who will shape business in a landscape of digital convergence. By doing so, we will become the school of choice for elite talent around the world.

Humanics education, coupled with experiential learning, will become the “X Factor” for D'Amore-McKim.

Humanics is the integration of human, technological, and data literacies. We will be able to cultivate humanics education in D'Amore-McKim students and learners by focusing on three interdisciplinary learning literacies:

  • Human capacities such as creativity, ethical reasoning, cultural agility, collaboration, and systems thinking.
  • Understanding the ways in which technology operates and affects global business now and in the future is also crucial to being successful in the digital economy.
  • People who can manage the flow of data, capture the potential value of data by utilizing the right approaches, and then develop insights, are likely to stand out.

Building upon the foundation of humanics and experiential learning, there are three distinctive mindsets —global, entrepreneurial, and lifelong learning—that empower the supporting structure for the D'Amore-McKim vision. These distinctive mindsets play to our strengths. They infuse everything we do.

Defining Our Future: D'Amore-McKim 2025 Download

Download the full version of the D'Amore-McKim strategic plan here, which includes our future-forward mission and vision, details about the external forces that are driving us, and foundational and supporting priorities and metrics.

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