Recruit our students

Investing your time and resources on the D'Amore-McKim campus will give you a return many times over. By connecting with our talented graduate students, you can build a vibrant network among emerging professionals who are ambitious, accomplished, and equipped with the skills that a digital-first business world demands. 

We understand that your recruiting needs change as your company's needs change. That's why we've designed our lineup of student engagement programs to be flexible, powerful, and customizable so that you can adapt your recruiting strategy to the moment. Choose from any of the options below—or build a multifaceted approach by combining them. 

Ways to get involved

Build a dedicated presence on campus—in whatever mode you choose—to raise brand awareness for your company and build connections with rising professional talent. For example, set up a virtual or on-campus booth, schedule informational chats with students, or hold day-long engagement sessions followed by one-on-one networking. Our staff can help you design a strategic approach based on your goals.

Meet with a small group of students in a casual setting to talk about your organization, industry trends, employment opportunities, and hiring practices.

Forge deeper connections with graduate students and alumni through our mentorship, mock interview coaching, and networking volunteer programs

Connect instantly with a deep pool of accomplished graduate students and alumni through the Global Talent System, our powerful online job platform You'll be able to post jobs, view resumés, and add tailored marketing support for open positions.

Personalize your strategy

Our flexible recruiting options give you access to top talent about to enter the job market. Contact us today to work with staff on a strategic recruiting plan that meets your unique needs.
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