We live in an era of digital convergence, when the most successful leaders are the most innovative at integrating their organizations' physical, human, and digital resources.

The D'Amore-McKim School of Business prepares the leaders that the times demand. We deliver a curriculum that combines knowledge in technology and data analytics with uniquely human skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Bringing all of that together is Northeastern's experience-powered approach to education.

From undergraduate to MBA-level programs—online, on-site, or hybrid, full- or part-time—you'll integrate study and professional assignments with meaningful goals and impact. Through service projects, research, or executive-led workshops, you'll widen your perspective and your network.

Moving among classrooms and conference rooms, you'll develop and apply the human skills so vital to your future in business and beyond. You'll put your ideas into action, take risks, and adopt a global outlook. And through the entrepreneur's lens, you'll view challenges as opportunities to flex your creativity.

You'll become a lifelong learner, eager to keep evolving. And you'll plan a career aligned with your strengths—and the demands of today's digitally-driven world.

Awards and Recognition

A global leader in front-line business education, D'Amore-McKim and its faculty are routinely recognized for excellence.

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