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Our superpower: We facilitate learning where your workforce works, in the collaboration platforms you use every day.

For face-to-face experiences, we can certainly gather your executives at one (or several) of our 9 global business sites; but we also love to engage where you work. In your facilities, in your platforms, or in those places where you want to expose your leaders to innovations that inspire action in context. Do you see Malaysia or Chile, perhaps Poland or Vancouver, as your next strategic regional priority? Just tell us where and we can co-design a transformative experience that exceeds your leader's expectations.

Areas of expertise

Enterprise resilience

Global transformation & strategy

Metaverse & future realities

Value creation for innovation

Healthcare business strategy

Accelerating financial impact

Learn from industry leaders

Our corporate learning programs are developed and taught by D'Amore-McKim faculty members widely recognized as thought leaders, skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors.

Curtis Carlson
The Practice of Innovation
Nada Sanders
Nada Sanders
Distinguished Professor
Supply Chain Management
headshot of michael enright
Michael Enright
Pierre Choueiri Family Professor
Global Business

Companies who trust us

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Christina Jaracz

Northeastern University Assistant Vice President of Partnerships; D'Amore-McKim School of Business Assistant Dean of Corporate and Professional Learning

Heather McMorrow

Director of Digital Innovation and New Initiatives for Corporate & Professional Learning

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