We’re building talent for the new world of work through lifelong learning partnerships.

For more than 12 years, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and its Corporate Learning group have been evolving Northeastern University’s heritage of experiential education to meet the necessity for lifelong learning in business. Talent development leaders and their business partners understand that to keep pace with the speed of global change—in industries, markets, technology, and among customers—they need to keep their people learning and agile, now and for the years to come.

Whether you need to bring senior executives together to solve a strategic challenge, groom emerging professionals for new responsibilities, or develop innovative global teams, D’Amore-McKim can provide business education solutions tailored to your needs. Although completely customizable, our portfolio reflects all of the ways many clients prefer to approach their learning needs.

Executive Management & Strategic Initiatives Working Sessions
Formats range from multi-day intensive sessions to shorter ones spread out over longer periods. Online, virtual options available.

Tailored Development Programs
Derived from our faculty’s broad experience, topics are fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. Content is delivered in a variety of ways, from “Innovation Boot Camps” to virtual conferences.

Company-Specific Graduate Certificates
All of our graduate business certificates, including our Build Your Own Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, are available to you for customization and roll-out to your employees. Creating a cohort of learners who are focused on your specific business needs is a great way to see a return on your leadership development investments.
To build a culture that is connected, resilient and innovative, you need the right people working together on the most meaningful strategic issues.

1) Intensive face-to-face learning experiences are often the best way to start.

2) Expertly-managed live-virtual sessions can link your dispersed audience

3) Real-time virtual team working sessions coached by our faculty

4) Asynchronous, online, self-paced modules (ideal for foundational concepts)

5) Social learning platforms integrated into programs

6) Digital, scalable, interactive programs and specializations for deeper dives at each learner’s pace

Many of these new delivery options include badging and micro-credentialing options.

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Corporate Learning Programs

D’Amore-McKim’s customized corporate programs provide organizations of all types the vital learning they need to achieve their strategic business and talent development goals. We represent all of Northeastern University’s considerable resources in business, leadership, professional skills, computer science, biopharma, healthcare, science and engineering.

Prominent technologist and innovation pioneer Curtis Carlson and his Practice of Innovation, LLC partner, Leonard Polizzotto, are sharing their Innovation-for-Impact (i4i) Value Creation methodology with D’Amore-McKim’s corporate partners and clients. Through this initiative, you and your organization can access a complete integrated system of practices that will allow you to create and sustain innovations that have true value for your customers and your organization.

Our Experts, Your Resource

Putting the client first, our faculty recognize your organization’s learning goals and will bring in their expertise from personal research, teaching and hands-on involvement with businesses from around the world. Get to know our faculty better by browsing videos and reading our knowledge-sharing blog, Leaders at Work.

Fernando Suarez
The Leader’s Work in New Platforms, Markets, and Innovation

Marc Meyer
Design Thinking, IT Enablement, and Innovation for Growth

Koen Pauwels
Digital Marketing and Deep Customer Analytics

Kevin Boudreau
IoT, Digital Platforms, and Open Innovation Systems

Uwe Hohgrawe
AI, Data Analytics, Competitive Intelligence

Craig Johnson
Business Applications of Machine Learning, Healthcare and Analytics
Todd Alessandri
Strategy and Organizational Alignment

Greg Collier
Corporate Sales and Marketing Effectiveness, Business Model Innovation

Hugh Courtney
Strategic Decision-Making in Uncertainty

Samina Karim
Planning and Optimizing Mergers and Acquisitions

Mario Maletta
Financial Literacy/Financial Management for Innovation

Tucker Marion
New Product Development, Design Thinking, Lean Process Innovation

Russ Moran
Leadership Development

Nada Sanders
Global Digital Supply Chains, Analytics, Operations Leadership

Ravi Ramamurti
Strategy in Emerging Economies

Gary Young
Healthcare Systems, Policies, and Strategic Management
Barbara Larson
Effective Teams and Managers in Innovation Environments

Paula Caligiuri
Cultural Agility for Global Leaders and Professionals

Mark Huselid
Talent Analytics, Strategic Talent Management

Marla Baskerville
Influence and Workplace Diversity

Jamie Millard and Gus Murby
Essential Skills and Interactions for People Managers

George Moran: Leadership Development is Not Limited to the C Suite

George Moran: Leadership Development is Not Limited to the C Suite Video Opens in Modal

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