As a Fall 2023 recipient of the Srinivasan Family Awards for Projects in Emerging Markets, Dhwani Bhatt, a third-year Chemical Engineering student at Northeastern University, has spent the past year developing a biogas system to meet the energy needs of Sadhguru School in Fort Portal Uganda.

Yi Zheng, Faculty Fellow at the Center for Emerging Markets (CEM) and Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University, organized an enriching forum focused on “Sustainable Energy in Cities and Communities” to celebrate World Environment Day with the Boston Urban Forum.

The launch of the D'Amore-McKim Boston Executive Leadership Council is the next step in building a 10-region National Council that will boost global networking opportunities, co-op expansion, and philanthropic investments.

The Edmund and Colleen DiSanto Student Engagement and Innovation Fund will support curricular and other innovations relating to emerging markets, especially to encourage students who went to high schools in the city of Boston.

Each year the D'Amore-McKim School of Business honors a select group of business students who have demonstrated excellence on co-op.

Dunton Family Dean David De Cremer urges business leaders to realize the possibilities that AI offers while stepping up their AI training.


“D'Amore-McKim students, with exposure to key areas like analytics and business management, bring valuable insight to the workplace. Their fresh perspective helps companies use the latest tools and skills, leading to more innovative problem-solving and efficient processes.” – Bryan Carr, Vice President, Funding & Liquidity Senior Manager at Citizens

The Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern University hosted the 6th Annual Greater Boston Corporate Governance Workshop, attracting 32 attendees from 14 institutions. Organized by CEM Faculty Fellows Ruth Aguilera and Kevin Chuah, the event featured discussions on R&D management, public-private partnerships, regulatory impacts, proxy voting, and corporate emissions accountability, showcasing cutting-edge research and faculty expertise.

“You can't build and run a $70 million company because you have good food,” says Eric Papachristos, co-founder and chief executive officer of A Street Hospitality Group.


Casual dining seafood chain Red Lobster filed for bankruptcy Sunday, citing its all-you-can-eat shrimp promotion as a factor.