Venkat Kuppuswamy, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, shares his research findings on how algorithm-driven technologies have been known to create unconscious biases across a variety of platforms. This article was written about the recent tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Keith Smith, assistant professor of marketing, examines how the cannabis industry will challenge traditional marketing tactics because of the piecemeal legality of both recreational and medical marijuana use in the United States.

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Keith Smith, whose research focuses on the impact of digital marketing on customer behavior in online settings, explains the potential consequences of YouTube’s policies changes to limit advertising on children’s video.

Two Northeastern graduates have brought Slate, their brand of lactose-free chocolate milk, onto the shelves of more than 300 grocery stores along the East Coast.

The Crystal app helps users learn about the personalities of others to communicate better.

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Mary Steffel, an associate professor of marketing, explains how seemingly impersonal gifts might be the best choice for gift-giving based on her research in consumer judgment decision-making.

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Yakov Bart, whose research focuses on online and mobile advertising effectiveness, explains the likely marketing strategy behind Peloton’s “Grace in Boston” ad.