Corporate leaders have seen the convergence between their core businesses and high tech. In this recorded webinar, learn how Northeastern’s MBA x Computer Science Program will provide you with a rigorous MBA degree that makes this connection transparent.

In this recorded webinar, Carolyn Boviard, Director of Admissions, and Peter Tarasewich, Assistant Teaching Professor for Supply Chain and Information Management, discuss the ins and outs of the MS in Business Analytics program

On April 11, 2019, the Northeastern community will come together for a 24-hour fundraising event to support the programs, teams, and initiatives that make our university so unique.

In this recorded webinar, Linda Harding, Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions & Jelena Pejic, International Recruitment Manager for Corporate Programs and Graduate Certificates, is joined by Part-Time MBA alum Lewis Howe, as they discuss the ins and outs of the Part-Time MBA and Graduate Certificate programs.

The 2019 Northeastern University Women Who Empower symposium, held March 1, featured powerful female voices that included D’Amore-McKim faculty and alumnae. This year’s theme was, “Advancing Women in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Policy.”

In this recorded webinar, Carolyn Boviard, MS Innovation Director of Admissions, is joined by Tucker Marion, Associate Professor of Technological Entrepreneurship, as they discuss the ins and outs of the Masters of Innovation program.

In this recorded webinar, Julie Chasse, Director of Graduate School of Professional Accounting, joined by faculty members Tim Rupert, Larry Ginsberg, and Kimberly Moreno, discuss the ins and outs of the many Graduate School of Professional Accounting programs.

Dunton Family Dean of the D’Amore-McKim School of Business Raj Echambadi revisited his previously published research in his new study examining why employees quit their jobs to start their own ventures. His findings may surprise you – it’s not always about the money!

“Northeastern is a leader in experiential learning, which is the necessary basis for learning how to be a value creator. They understand that to have a long, productive career in our global innovation economy, value-creation skills are essential,” Carlson says.

With major challenges like fintech implementation and integration, globalization, new regulations and other industry innovations, financial services employers are saying they need skilled people with computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics and econometrics training now more than ever.