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Nikki James, Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor

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Venkat Kuppuswamy, Assistant Professor

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Northeastern was one of the first universities to create a formal entrepreneurship program, dating back to 1958. Today, the D'Amore-McKim Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group (E&I) is at the forefront of academic research, curricula, and experiential learning not only in entrepreneurship, but also in corporate innovation. Award-winning scholars and recognized industry leaders come together to form the backbone of E&I's commitment to conduct impactful research, and to teach, guide, and mentor the next generations of innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Research conducted by our faculty includes organizational strategies to respond to technology-driven transformations, digital platforms and crowdsourcing, innovation through acquisitions and alliances, new product development processes, entrepreneurship, managing venture growth, family business, new business models, and dynamic competition. E&I faculty publish in leading scholarly journals and also in the leading practitioner-oriented publications.

The E&I Group offers an array of courses in both innovation and entrepreneurship topics that prepare our students to become entrepreneurs or agents of change and progress in established organizations. At the undergraduate level, our entrepreneurship programs are divided into four areas: corporate innovation, entrepreneurial startups, family business, and social innovation & entrepreneurship. Minors and major concentrations are both available. At the graduate level, E&I offers two concentrations in the MBA program: entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. In addition, the group offers two unique programs: the Master of Science in Innovation which focuses on corporate innovation and the Master of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship which focuses on emerging technology ventures.  

Complementing our research and academic programs, E&I has spearheaded the creation of a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem on campus and beyond. This includes the IDEA Student-Led Venture Accelerator, the MOSAIC guild of expertise-based service providers, The McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network, and the Entrepreneurship Club. Our research, educational approach, and support ecosystem have resulted in multiple awards and recognitions, including being ranked a top 10 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in 2018 by The Princeton Review.

Social Responsibility Beyond the Corporate: Executive Mental Accounting Across Sectoral and Issue Domains
Razvan Lungeanu, Weber, K.
Organization Science

Thinking Broad and Deep: Why Some Directors Exert an Outsized Influence on Strategic Change
Razvan Lungeanu, Zajac, E.
Organization Science 

Randomized Insights: Field Experiments in Understanding Knowledge Production in the Sciences
Kevin Boudreau, Lakhani, K.
Goal-Relatedness and Learning: Evidence from Hospitals
Clark, J. R., Venkat Kuppuswamy, Staats, B.
Organization Science
Testing the Theory of Consumer Discrimination as an Explanation for the Lack of Minority Hiring in Hollywood Films
Venkat Kuppuswamy, Younkin, P.
Management Science (forthcoming)
Stepping Across for Social Approval: Ties to Independent Foundation's Boards after Financial Restatements
Razvan Lungeanu, Paruchuri, S., Tsai, W.
Strategic Management Journal
Familiarity, Creativity, and the Adoption of Category Labels in Technology Industries
Zunino, D., Fernando Suarez, Grodal S.
Organization Science
The Hybrid Trap: Why Most Efforts to Bridge Old and New Technology Miss the Mark
Fernando Suarez, Utterback, J., Von Gruben, P., and Kang, H.Y.
MIT Sloan Management Review
An Integrative Perspective of Organizational Responses: Routines, Heuristics and Improvisations in a Mount Everest Expedition
Fernando Suarez, and Montes, J.
Organization Science (forthcoming)
Institutional Deterioration and Entrepreneurial Investment: The Role of Political Connections
Ge, J., Stanley, L., Kimberly Eddleston, Kellermanns, F.
Journal of Business Venturing

Examining Alliance Portfolios Beyond the dyads: The Relevance of Redundancy and Nonuniformity Across and Between Partners
Hoehn-Weiss, M., Samina Karim, Lee, C.H.
Organization Science

Restructure or reconfigure? Designing the Reorg That Works For You
Girod, S. J.G., Samina Karim
Harvard Business Review

A Behavioral Theory of Social Performance: Social Identity and Stakeholder Expectations
Nason, R. S., Sophie C. Bacq, Gras, D. M.
Academy of Management Review

Delaying change: Examining How Industry and Managerial Turbulence Impact Structural Realignment
Samina Karim, Carroll, T. N., Long, C. P.
Academy of Management Journal

A Case Study of Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong
Fixson, S. K., Tucker J. Marion
Harvard Business Review

Customizing your Social Strategy to the Platform
Tucker J. Marion, Roberts, D., Candi, M., Gloria Barczak
MIT Sloan Management Review

New Books

The Innovation Navigator: Transforming Your Organization in the Era of Digital Design and Collaborative Culture
Tucker J. Marion, Fixson, S.
University of Toronto Press
Recognized as leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, our distinguished faculty serve in a number of key editorial positions on academic journals, university presses and other scholarly outlets.

Academy of Management Review: Stine Grodal, Editorial Board Member; Fernando F. Suarez, Editorial Board Member

Administrative Science Quarterly: Razvan Lungeanu, Editorial Board Member

American Sociological Review: Stine Grodal, Editorial Board Member

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management: Tucker Marion, Editorial Board Member

Journal of Product Innovation Management: Tucker Marion, Editorial Board Member; Marc Meyer, Editorial Board Member

Management Science: Kevin Boudreau, Associate Editor

Organization Science: Samina Karim, Editorial Board Member; Razvan Lungeanu, Editorial Board Member

Research in the Sociology of Organizations: Stine Grodal, Editorial Board Member

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal: Kimberly Eddleston, Editorial Board Member

Strategic Management Journal: Samina Karim, Associate Editor; Kevin Boudreau, Editorial Board Member; Razvan Lungeanu, Editorial Board Member

Strategic Organization: Samina Karim, Editorial Board Member

Strategy Science: Samina Karim, Editorial Board Member
Northeastern University: 2022 Excellence in Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship Award, Deshpande Symposium

Northeastern University: 2020 Outstanding Contributions to Venture Creation Award, Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers

Razvan Lungeanu: Selected 2019 member of the STR Research Committee of the Academy of Management

Northeastern University: 2018 Leading Entrepreneurial University Award, Deshpande Symposium's

Kimberly A. Eddleston: Selected 2016 Academic Scholar, Cornell University, Smith Family Business Initiative

Kimberly A. Eddleston: 2016 Best Qualitative Paper Award, European Academy of Management

Kimberly A. Eddleston: 2016 Family Owed Business Institute Scholar Award, Grand Valley State University, Family Enterprise Research Conference

Kimberly A. Eddleston: 2016 Schulze Best Research Contribution Award, Schulze Foundation

Kimberly A. Eddleston: 2016 Schulze Best Teaching Exercise Award, Schulze Foundation

Marc H. Meyer: 2016 Entrepreneur in Residence, SeoulTech

Samina Karim: Chair of the Competitive Strategy Interest Group, Strategic Management Society

Susan Montgomery: “International Who's Who of Business Lawyers” (2004-2016 Editions), Law Business Research, Inc.

Susan Montgomery: “World's Leading Trademark Law Practitioners” Euromoney/Managing Intellectual Property

Susan Montgomery: “World's Leading Women in Business Law” Legal Media Group

Susan Montgomery: WTR Global 1000 – Silver Ranking, World Trademark Review

Northeastern University: 2015 Excellence in Student Engagement in Entrepreneurship Award, Deshpande Symposium