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Partner with our dedicated experts to achieve your goals

One of the most powerful benefits you'll enjoy as a D'Amore-McKim graduate student is your relationship with your dedicated career advisor. This experienced coach will assist you from day one. Together, you'll leverage your strengths and bridge your skill gaps so you can realize the career of your dreams.

Getting started

Before your first meeting with your advisor, prepare by thinking about which business functions, career tracks, or industries you're interested in, what kind of corporate residency or graduate co-op you envision, and which of your skill areas need further development. Your advisor will ask questions that challenge you—so be ready to dive in and examine your career plans through a fresh lens! 

Exploring your options

Your career advisor brings a wealth of knowledge about career opportunities to the table, whether you're launching a new career or positioning yourself for growth in your current industry. They'll help you reach beyond your initial expectations to imagine new possibilities and build capabilities you didn't know you could develop.

If you're starting in a new field, your career advisor will guide you toward Graduate Career Center programs that help you test out work roles in different fields, meet potential employers, and build skills that ladder up to your dream job. If you're looking to accelerate an existing career, your career advisor can help you leverage your experience and new degree to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Navigating as an international student

If you're a learner from another country, our team can guide you expertly on your career journey and help you acclimate to the work environment in the United States.

Connect with your career advisor

Schedule a call to check in with your career advisor—or, if you're just starting your program, set up your first appointment via the Global Talent System and get ready for an exciting first conversation that tees up your next steps.
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