Tuition & Aid

Find tuition rates and fees for all programs, including costs for optional meal plans, parking, housing, and student health plans (required for full-time students).

Northeastern offers several options to help you finance your education. Learn about payment plans, federal and supplemental loans, ISAs and more.

Learn the ins and outs of financial aid for undergraduates, from the many types of aid to The Northeastern Promise—our commitment to help you plan for the entire cost of your degree.

Atop traditional federal aid, Northeastern offers a full compliment of financial assistance to eligible graduate students, such as assistantships, scholarships, loans and work awards.

Scholarship Opportunities


Students who are in the top 10-15 percent of our applicant pool are considered for competitive merit awards. For example, the prestigious Dean's Scholarship honors select students within the top 25 percent of freshmen admitted. Recipients are awarded between $10,000 and $25,000 annually. All fall freshman applicants for undergraduate admission to Northeastern are considered.

MBA and MS Programs

If you apply to a program that offers merit scholarships, you'll automatically receive consideration without a separate application. Outstanding candidates receive merit scholarships based on application strength, including undergraduate records, prior work experience, professional recommendations, any test scores provided, and other application materials.

Merit scholarships typically provide partial tuition reductions and require no work commitment. The Full-Time MBA program offers a limited number of full-tuition scholarships.

Double Husky Scholarship

The Double Husky Scholarship helps Northeastern alumni finance their graduate education by offering a 25 percent tuition discount on eligible programs.

Alumni with a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree from Northeastern are automatically considered for the Double Husky scholarship when they are admitted into an eligible graduate degree or certificate program—there is no special application required. Upon acceptance, applicants receive a letter indicating the tuition discount that applies to their program.

If a student is offered other grant aid from the university, they will only receive the scholarship of higher value. Those completing pass-through degrees, such as the PlusOne accelerated master's program, do not qualify for the Double Husky Scholarship.

The Parent and Family Scholarship

Are you a parent or sibling of a current Northeastern undergraduate student? Northeastern offers a first-of-its-kind Parent and Family Scholarship. 25 percent discounts are available for all D'Amore-McKim graduate programs. To be eligible, you will need to provide the Northeastern University ID number of your son, daughter, or sibling (who must be currently enrolled at Northeastern as a full-time undergraduate day student) at the time of your application.

Post-9/11 GI Bill ®/Yellow Ribbon Program

Northeastern University supports veterans through a combination of scholarships and financial aid. If the cost of your tuition and fees exceed the maximum annual Post-9/11 GI Bill payment, you may apply to the program to cover your additional expenses. Active military members and their spouses are not eligible, but are invited to apply after completing their service.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

Torch Scholars Program

First-generation students who would like to be considered for the Torch Scholars Program need to be nominated. For more information, visit the Torch Scholars Program.

Northeastern National Scholar Award

National Merit semi-finalists or National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars have the opportunity to apply for the Northeastern National Scholar Award. If you have received one of these awards, you will be notified when you apply about the steps you need to take in order to be considered for the honor.

Boston Public Schools Scholarships

Students enrolled in Boston Public High Schools are eligible for several special scholarships.

AmeriCorps/Teach for America MBA Scholarship

This scholarship is based on academic achievement and is open to volunteers that have completed a one-year term-of-service. The scholarship covers up to 25% of tuition. You should identify your affiliation on your resume or essay.

City Year MBA Scholarship

The City Year/Northeastern University MBA Scholarship covers at least 25% of tuition for each year toward the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs (estimated at a minimum of $9,075 per year, renewable for each year enrolled—provided the student maintains good standing—for a total minimum scholarship of $18,150). The scholarships are awarded to up to two City Year alumni for at least one year of service and City Year staff members employed for at least two years who meet our admission criteria. Applicants will be considered for additional merit-based awards depending on the strength of the application. You should identify your affiliation with City Year on your resume or essay.

The Deloitte Foundation Accounting Scholars Program

The Deloitte Foundation Accounting Scholars Program offers a limited number of full scholarships to the MS in Accounting and MS in Accounting/MBA programs for students with a demonstrated knowledge and appreciation for the challenges faced by members of demographic groups underrepresented in the field of public accountancy and an interest in pursuing a career in the field. Applicants will apply directly to the MSA or MSA/MBA, and eligible candidates will be evaluated for the scholars program in consultation with the Deloitte Foundation.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Graduate Fellowships

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Graduate Fellowships are administered through the African-American Institute. These awards are offered annually to African-American students in full-time graduate programs as long as the student demonstrates satisfactory academic progress and financial need as determined by Student Financial Services. Applicants must complete the financial aid process, as well as an application available from the John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute at Northeastern University.

Although no additional application is necessary for the following scholarships, you must identify your affiliation with the granting organization in your application materials.

Full-Circle Scholarship

The Full-Circle Scholarship offers a 25-percent tuition discount to graduate applicants who embody Northeastern University's values of experiential and global learning. The Full-Circle Scholarship is for new, incoming students who are currently involved in or have completed a term of service in Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America or English Lagrange Learners (ELL).

Because you chose to do something different and embark on a service-driven path, you gained new skills and valuable knowledge and returned inspired. The Full-Circle Scholarship is designed to make sure you can continue your journey and stay inspired.

MBA Achievers Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship that considers work experience, advanced degrees, and GMAT/GRE scores.

National Black MBA Association MBA Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship covering up to full tuition to qualified candidates who are National Black MBA Association members. Awards are made on the basis of academic, professional and/or personal merit. You should identify your affiliation with the National Black MBA Association on your resume or essay.

Posse MBA Scholarship

The Posse MBA Scholarship covers up to 100% of tuition for our Posse alumni/ae who are admitted into our Full-time MBA program. You should identify your affiliation with Posse on your resume or essay.

Prospanica MBA Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship covering up to full tuition to qualified candidates who are Prospanica members and admitted to the D'Amore-McKim Full-time and Part-Time MBA programs. Awards are made on the basis of academic, professional and/or personal merit. This scholarship may be renewable. You should identify your affiliation with Prospanica on your resume or essay.

Returned Peace Corps MBA Scholarship

This scholarship is based on academic achievement and is open to a Peace Corps volunteer returning from a two-year term-of-service. The scholarship covers up to 100% of tuition. You should identify your affiliation with the Peace Corps on your resume or essay.

Reach Out MBA Fellowship (LGBTQ)

Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA Fellowship was created as a joint effort between top business school programs and Reaching Out to demonstrate that business schools are the top destination to develop the out LGBTQ and active ally business leaders of tomorrow. LGBTQ MBA Fellowship recipients each receive a minimum of $10,000 scholarship per academic year or $20,000 total scholarship, and also receive access to exclusive mentorship and leadership development programming through Reaching Out. You should identify your affiliation on your resume or essay.

Important Notices

Northeastern University offers a payment plan that will allow you to pay the tuition in monthly installments over the course of the semester. Because it is not a loan and no interest is charged, the total cost is significantly lower than you would incur with a loan.

Many of our students are already living in the Boston area. However, if you are relocating to the city, you will find that housing expenses can vary widely across the Boston area. To learn more about Northeastern University's on- and off-campus housing accommodations, please visit the Northeastern Housing & Residential Life website.

State law requires students in a full-time academic program to have medical insurance. If you are not covered under a qualifying plan, you must enroll in one. For more information on Northeastern University's Student Health Plan (NUSHP), please visit the Northeastern Student Financial Services page. Click the drop down under “Student Health Plan (NUSHP)” and you will find the annual rates.