Finance faculty at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business utilize a variety of theoretical and empirical methods to study a variety of business and finance problems that are relevant to business decision makers. They have published in the very best academic and practitioner journals; presented at the best academic and practitioner conferences; and are frequently cited in the financial media. These efforts have garnered numerous internal and external awards for research excellence.

Employment Protection, Investment, and Firm Growth
John (Jianqiu) Bai, Fairhurst, D., Serfling, M.
Review of Financial Studies

Incentives and Competition in the Airline Industry
Rajesh K. Aggarwal, Schenone, C.
Review of Corporate Finance Studies

Hostile Resistance to Hedge Fund Activism
Nicole Boyson, Pichler, P.
Review of Financial Studies

Top Management Quality, Corporate Innovation, and Innovator Flows
Karthik Krishnan, Chemmanur, T.J., Kong, L., Yu, Q.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Liquidity Provision Contracts, Strategic Complementarity, and Market Quality: Evidence from the New York Stock Exchange
Bessembinder, H., Hao, J., Kuncheng Zheng
Review of Financial Studies

What a Difference a (Birth) Month Makes: The Relative Age Effect and Fund Manager Performance
John (Jianqiu) Bai, Ma,L., Mullally, K., Solomon, D.
Journal of Financial Economics

Is it the Investment Bank or the Investment Banker? A Study of the Role of Investment Banker Human 
Capital in the Acquisitions
Chemmanur, T. J., M. Ertugrul, Karthik Krishnan
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

The Impact of Bank Credit on Labor Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity
John (Jianqiu) Bai, Carvalho, D., Phillips, G. 
Journal of Finance

Recruiting the CEO from the Board: Determinates and Consequences
Anya Mkrtchyan, Udi Hoitash
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

The Strategic Underreporting of Bank Risk
Begley, T. A., Purnananda, A., KunchengZheng
Review of Financial Studies

Activism Merger
Nicole Boyson, Gantchev, N., Shivdasnhi, A.
Journal of Financial Economics

U.S. Multinationals and Cash Holdings
Tiantian Gu
Journal of Financial Economics

Diversification and Cash Dynamics
Tiantian Gu, Bakke, T.
Journal of Financial Economics

The Effect of Director Experience on Merger Performance
Anya Mkrtchyan, Field, L.
Journal of Financial Economics

Recognized as leaders in the field of finance, our distinguished faculty serve in a number of key editorial positions on academic journals, university presses and other scholarly outlets.

Journal of Corporate Finance: Nicole M. Boyson, Associate Editor

Financial Analysts Journal: Nicole M. Boyson, Editorial Board Member

Economics Letters: Rajesh Aggarwal, Associate Editor

Review of Financial Economics: Rajesh Aggarwal, Editorial Board Member

Journal of Business Research: Anahit Mkrtchyan, Editorial Reviewe Board Member

Journal of Derivatives Accounting: Jayant Kale, Associate Editor

IUP Journal of Bank Management: Jayant Kale, Editorial Board Member

Journal of African Business Research: Jeffery Born, Editorial Board Member

Journal of Real Estate Literature: Shiawee Yang, Editorial Board Member

Real Estate Review: Shiawee Yang, Editorial Board Member

Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies: W. Paul Chiou, Associate Editor

Jianqiu Bai: 2016 Best Corporate Finance Paper, Southwestern Finance Association

Nicole Boyson: 2016 Pearson Prize for the Best Papers in Financial Management, Pearson/Financial Management Association

Nicole Boyson: 2016 Best Teacher Award, D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Wan-jiun Chiou: 2016 Faculty Development Fund Award, Northeastern University

Mark Gooley: 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award Nominee, Northeastern University

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