Center Faculty Featured In the Media

2019 Coverage

CGTN America. January 21, 2019, “Ravi Ramamurti discusses economic state of China”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on China’s economic state for CGTN America.

CGTN America. January 16, 2019 “The Point: More patents for China in the U.S. Why?”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on China’s increasing number of U.S. patents filed in the U.S. for CGTN America.

2018 Coverage

2017 Coverage

CGTN America. September 5, 2017, “Ravi Ramamurti talks about the BRICS forum and its global economic output”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on the recent BRICS forum and its global economic output for CGTN America.

CGTN America. July 13, 2017, “Ravi Ramamurti on Ambassador Cui Tiankai and China – U.S. ties.”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on China’s Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai’s address to the National Governors Association for CGTN America.

CGTN America. June 3, 2017, “Can SPIEF bring balance to the global economy?”
Ravi Ramamurti weighs in on Russia hosting the 21st annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) and discusses Russia’s economical growth, joined by Liu Xin and Lilit Gevorgyan.

CGTN America. May 10, 2017, “Ravi Ramamurti on Belt and Road Initiative and its African impact”
Ravi Ramamurti explains the importance of Africa in the Belt and Road Initiative with CGtN America’s Rachelle Akuffo.

CGTN America. March 17, 2017, “Ravi Ramamurti discusses G20 Economies”
Ravi Ramamurti discusses the G20 Finance Minister Summit and risks facing global trade with CGtN America’s Rachelle Akuffo.

i24News Cable Channel. March 20, 2017, “Clear Cut with Michelle Makori.”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil and trade relations with the United States and Asia.

2016 Coverage

China Central Television—America. October 15, 2016, “Ravi Ramamurti on the first day of the BRICS Summit.”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on why the 2016 BRICS summit was different than previous years.

China Central Television—America. October 12, 2016, “Ravi Ramamurti discusses China-Cambodia economic ties”
Ravi Ramamurti discusses China-Cambodia relations in terms of economics with CCTV America’s Karina Huber.

Yahoo News. September 14, 2016 “Apple Inc silent killer: Obscure smartphone newcomers”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on the effect U.S. Apple iPhones and other smartphones may have in the Chinese market.

Computerworld. August 15, 2016. “South China Sea conflict could be IT’s Black Swan”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on the effect a U.S. military confrontation in the South China Sea could have on the region’s that sole-source out of Asia.

Northeastern News. June 27, 2016 “President Aoun to receive International Educator of the Year award”
Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun received the Inter­na­tional Edu­cator of the Year Award from the Academy of Inter­na­tional Busi­ness. In addition, two D’Amore-McKim faculty members were named 2016 Academy of International Business honorary fellows, Ruth Aguilera and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra. Ravi Ramamurti was named an AIB fellow in 2008.

Northeastern News. June 9, 2016 “Successes and struggles amid the volatility in emerging markets”
Northeastern University’s Center for Emerging Markets held the seventh annual symposium in collaboration with Cornell University. Ravi Ramamurti opened and directed the discussion.

Global Finance. June 2016, “SINGAPORE: Assuming The Mantle Of Asia’s Financial Hub.
Ravi Ramamurti comments on the changes made in Asia’s finances, with Singapore replacing Hong Kong as the region’s top financial center.

China Central Television—America. May 31, 2016, “ China Central Television—America. “India’s growing economy.
Ravi Ramamurti comments on India’s growing economy.

China Central Television—America. May 25, 2016, China Central Television—America “Ravi Ramamurti discusses China-India investor ties.”
Ravi Ramamurti comments on China-India investor ties.

Huffington Post- The World Post Feb. 20, 2016, “Counter Threat Finance in the Age of ISIL.”
Nikos Passas comments on how ISIL has changed how the world reacts to terrorism.

Northeastern News Feb. 4, 2016, “Northeastern professor testifies at House hearing on countering terrorism financing.”
Nikos Passas testifies at a House Finan­cial Ser­vices Com­mittee hearing on terrorism and finance.

The Conversation Jan. 20, 2016, “Europe’s failed response to refugee crisis risks fraying local labor markets”
Nikos Passas comments on Europe’s response to the refugee crisis in relation to local labor markets.

2015 Coverage

LiveINSIGHTS December 30, 2015, “Factory Finding Mission.”
Professor Ravi Ramamurti comments on the hazards U.S. firms are likely to face in sourcing products from China.

LiveINSIGHTS November 19, 2015, “Emerging Markets Outlook: Exploring New Boundaries.”
Prof Ramamurti was one of three featured panelists in this 1-hour webinar on emerging markets.

TEDxAcademy October 16, 2015, “Fighting Corruption.”
Dr. Nikos Passas delivers a TED Talk in Athens, Greece about fighting corruption.

CCTV October 6, 2015, “Emerging Market Entrepreneurship.”
Professor Ravi Ramamurti is interviewed on CCTV regarding the entrepreneurship of emerging market nations.

Bangkok Post September 21, 2015, “Looking Outward.”
Professor Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra was quoted in the Bangkok Post article on outward foreign direct investment by Thai companies.

CCTV September 10, 2015, “Singapore’s Economy on the Eve of Elections.”
Ravi Ramamurti, discusses Singapore’s current economic state on the eve of elections.

Mornings with Steve August 20, 2015, “Sporting Corruption.”
Dr. Nikos Passas, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, was featured on the Australian radio program Mornings with Steve to discuss corruption in sports worldwide.

CCTV July 21, 2015, “New Development Banks starts business in Shanghai.”
On the day when the New Development Bank of the BRICS nation was launched in Shanghai, CCTV-America interviewed Ravi Ramamurti on its likely role and relationship with other multilateral development banks.

CCTV July 8, 2015. “BRICS summit begins in little known town Ufa.”
Ravi Ramamurti was interviewed on CCTV-America’s “Global Business” program about the significance of the BRICS Summit starting in Ufa, Russia, and the creation of two new multilateral development banks by these nations. 

El Mundo July 6, 2015, “Control Illicit Flows: Trade and Financial Transparency Available.”
Dr. Nikos Passas wrote an article for El Mundo detailing the nature of trade, how this can become deeply corrupted, and what society must do as a globalized whole in order to combat corruption.

Epoca April 6, 2015, “Fighting Corruption has to be a Collective Project.”
Dr. Nikos Passas was interviewed about corruption and the economy in an article on Epoca.

Earlier Coverage of Note

Wired January 2013 “Trickle-Up Innovation”
Ravi Ramamurti writes about a coming flip as the developing world teaches best practices on reverse innovation to the west. December 18, 2012 “Reverse Innovation’s Big Impact for Consumers”
Ravi Ramamurti takes note of reverse innovation on consumers in 2013.

Bloomberg Businessweek October 28, 2010 “Emerging Markets: Bubble or Growth Leader?”
Ravi Ramamurti discusses the emerging-market bubble debate of 2010.

Reuters October 14, 2010 SEC probe revisits thorny accounting questions
H. David Sherman responds to a recent SEC probe of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Investor’s Business Daily September 20, 2010 Profits Scarce in India
Ravi Ramamurti advises U.S. companies to be cautious regarding India’s growing economy.

American Banker August 31, 2010 Big US Banks Go Global in Fair-Value Fight
H. David Sherman discusses the repercussions of a controversial Financial Accounting Standards Board proposal aimed at using fair-value as the default standard for all assets and liabilities.

Emerging Investor July 7, 2010 Trend Towards Emerging Market Economies
Ravi Ramamurti says emerging markets are the new engines of global GDP growth and will account for 60 percent or more of world GDP growth.