The D'Amore-McKim School of Business' international business and strategy academic group is launching the International Business Today podcast. Episodes will explore the most critical business issues through the lens of cutting-edge research. This podcast is for all global business professionals and any student who hopes to work for a multinational organization in the future.

Season one is hosted by Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy Paula Caligiuri who is joined by fellow colleagues and thought leaders. This season features Ruth Aguilera, Mark Huselid, Barbra Larson, Valentina Marano, Ravi Sarathy and Lauren States. Our experts will delve into topics from blockchain technologies and workforce analytics, to corporate governance and gender diversity, and more. Listen, as research papers come to life.

“Whether you're in global business now, or hope to be someday, we want you to know the facts to make better decisions for your team, your functional area, or your organization,” says Caliguiri.

The first episode will launch on Wednesday, January 18th. This podcast will be available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Audible, Google Podcast and Pocket Cast.