Our twice-annual publication, Insights @ Center for Emerging Markets, synthesizes academic research on emerging markets to provide actionable recommendations for managers, policymakers, and global leaders.

CEM organizes four region-specific speaker series to disseminate cutting-edge research on India, China, and Africa to the business community. For several years, CEM organized annual symposia on timely topics related to emerging markets.

Insights @ Center for Emerging Markets

Cutting-edge ideas and advice for global leaders about emerging markets

Insights Issue #3 – June 2023

Read the third issue of Insights @ Center for Emerging Markets, bringing together researchers from across Northeastern University to examine topics such as innovation in Chinese management, cultural agility, the challenges of informal entrepreneurship, shifts in global supply chain management, the future of healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa, reverse innovation, and the locational effects of the United Nations Environment Programme in Kenya.
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Global brands increasingly set sustainability standards for their first-tier suppliers in emerging market countries and expect them to ensure that similar standards are met by their lower-tier suppliers. This cascading approach encourages sustainability practices to be adopted throughout the supply chain.

In China, NGOs often collaborate with multinational companies to promote sustainability among their suppliers. This “two-step influence model” allows NGOs to indirectly influence local firms. The success of these collaborations depends on alignment with government priorities, with stronger impacts where the environment is a lower priority. Multinationals benefit from local knowledge and networks through these partnerships but must carefully manage trust and expectations. Moreover, collaboration with NGOs can help achieve sustainability goals but also invites scrutiny.

Multinational corporations (MNCs) often have less power over their emerging market suppliers than is commonly believed. New research suggests that MNCs can use various strategies to influence their suppliers' behavior, but these strategies have complex and paradoxical effects on their performance and reputation. MNCs should consider the goals and interests of their suppliers when creating sustainability strategies for their global value chains.

Region-focused Series

Lectures and talks focused on key regions of the developing world

India Lecture Series

The India Lecture Series brings thought leaders to Northeastern University for free and public lectures on critical issues impacting the world's second most populous country. It is now endowed and known as the Vivek and Vandana Sharma India Lecture Series.

China Lecture Series

China is one of the world's most important and least understood economies. The China Lecture Series brings together academics and business practitioners to discuss China and its role in the world.

China Insights Series

The China Insights Series brings business people, analysts, academics, and students together to hear D'Amore-McKim's world-class faculty provide practical insights into the present and future of China's economy.

Africa Speaker Series

The Africa Speaker Series explores business, social, and developmental issues in this diverse continent with the youngest and fastest-growing population. From time to time, events in this series are co-organized with Northeastern University's Africa Global Initiative.

A Primer for Indian Entrepreneurs: Reflections of Successful Founders and Investors

Hear from successful founders and investors in India's startup ecosystem as they share their insights into the country's startup landscape and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing hopeful entrepreneurs. This series is part of the Vivek and Vandana Sharma India Initiative.
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Past Symposia

Engaging symposia on timely topics relating to emerging markets for the business community

For many years, the Center for Emerging Markets organized annual symposia on timely topics relating to emerging markets, aimed principally at business executives and policymakers in the New England region. Speakers included CEOs and high-level executives of companies operating in, or from, emerging markets. They were made possible by gifts from David Nardone, our corporate partners, and an anonymous donor.

Symposium: Rethinking Your China Strategy

June 6, 2019 – After more than a year of rocky US-China trade relations, how are global firms changing or adapting their China strategy? These questions and more were answered by the CEOs and CXOs of companies such as Li & Fung (Hong Kong), Hasbro, PCCW-Media Group (Hong Kong), PerkinElmer, Enright, Scott & Associates, and others.

Symposium: Rise of Asia – How should US Companies Respond? 

June 5, 2018 – The Center for Emerging Markets welcomed Jimmy Weng, DMSB'07, Peter Goodson, Syed Jafry, and other prominent guests at its 8th Annual Symposium to discuss how US companies can leverage Asia in their global strategies.

Symposium: Thriving in Volatile Emerging Markets

June 7, 2016 – The Center for Emerging Markets welcomed Nariman Behravesh, Stephen Hayes, and others at its 7th Annual Symposium to discuss effective strategies in the face of market volatility.

Symposium: Beyond the BRICs

June 2, 2015 – The Center for Emerging Markets welcomed Jonathan Berman and other distinguished guests at its 6th Annual Symposium to discuss opportunities in non-BRIC emerging markets.

Keynote speaker Jonathan Berman at CEM's 6th Symposium
2013 – Emerging Markets: The New Realities
2012 – Winning in Emerging Markets
2011 – Managing Information and Risk in Emerging Markets
2010 – Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges
2009 – Capitalization on Emerging Market Opportunities