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Emerging countries have been able to make use of the liberal trade and investment regime to support their development strategies without having to adopt the full gamut of neoliberal prescriptions. This is evident in a number of ways, including dispute settlement, the use of flexibilities such as trade remedies, and resistance to the expansion of free trade disciplines. Recent research explores how different emerging countries are positioned in regards to trade and investment law, how tensions develop between development policies and the demands of trade and investment legal frameworks, and how alternative visions will be driven by pragmatism and strategic self-interest rather than neoliberal orthodoxy.

Recent research examines business practices in the Arab world and how they differ from Western practices. Wasta is a practice in Arab society where people use their personal relationships to gain favor. The practice is seen differently by different groups, with some seeing it as generally desirable and others seeing it as generally undesirable but potentially necessary. Foreign firm managers operating in Arab societies will need to develop a solid understanding of the practice and its different perceptions among varying Arab groups in order to be successful in conducting business in the Arab world.

Recent research examines 310 privately owned small and medium-sized companies from 22 transition economies in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Republics to see how the payment of bribes affects entrepreneur perceptions of the business environment. Those who more frequently pay bribes create a “new normal” business environment that is perceived as increasingly harsh. However, for entrepreneurs who infrequently bribe, their “new normal” is likely to be perceived as more supportive of business.


Annual symposia on a timely topic relating to emerging markets aimed principally at business executives and policymakers

The center organizes an annual symposium on a timely topic relating to emerging markets aimed principally at business executives and policymakers in the New England region. Speakers are typically CEOs and high-level executives of companies operating in, or from, emerging markets. Symposia are live cast and archived on our Youtube Playlist. They are made possible by gifts to the Center for Emerging Markets by David Nardone, corporate partners and an anonymous donor.

Symposium: Rethinking Your China Strategy

June 6, 2019 – After more than a year of rocky US-China trade relations, how are global firms changing or adapting their China strategy? These questions and more were answered by the CEOs and CXOs of companies such as Li & Fung (Hong Kong), Hasbro, PCCW-Media Group (Hong Kong), PerkinElmer, Enright, Scott & Associates and others.

Symposium: Rise of Asia – How should US Companies Respond? 

June 5, 2018 – The Center for Emerging Markets welcomed Jimmy Weng, DMSB'07, Peter Goodson, Syed Jafry and other prominent guests at its 8th Annual Symposium to discuss how US companies can leverage Asia in their global strategies.

Symposium: Thriving in Volatile Emerging Markets

June 7, 2016 – The Center for Emerging Markets welcomed Nariman Behravesh, Stephen Hayes and others at its 7th Annual Symposium to discuss effective strategies in the face of market volatility.

Symposium: Beyond the BRICs

June 2, 2015 – The Center for Emerging Markets welcomed Jonathan Berman and other distinguished guests at its 6th Annual Symposium to discuss opportunities in non-BRIC emerging markets.

Keynote speaker Jonathan Berman at CEM's 6th Symposium
2013 – Emerging Markets: The New Realities
2012 – Winning in Emerging Markets
2011 – Managing Information and Risk in Emerging Markets
2010 – Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges
2009 – Capitalization on Emerging Market Opportunities

Region-focused Series

Lectures and talks focused on key regions of the developing world

India Lecture Series

The India Lecture Series brings thought leaders to Northeastern University for free and public lectures on critical issues impacting the world's second most populous country. It is now endowed and known as the Vivek and Vandana Sharma India Lecture.

China Lecture Series

The China Lecture Series at the Center for Emerging Markets explores important topics about China and its role in the world.

China Insight Series

China is one of the world's most important and least understood economies. D'Amore-McKim's world-class faculty presented this unique and timely series that provided practical insights into the present and future of China's economy.

Africa Speaker Series

The Africa Speaker Series explores business, social, and developmental issues in this diverse continent with the youngest and fastest growing population. From time to time, events in this series are co-organized with Northeastern University's Africa Global Initiative.