Rest of Asia-Pacific

Distinguished Speaker Series

The Future of the Global Supply Chain

Spencer Fung ('96), Executive Chairman, Li & Fung, Hong Kong, discussed the impact of COVID-19, digitalization, e-commerce and other important trends on the global supply chain. He shared his thoughts on when the world's snarled supply chains might return to normal, and what the “new normal” may look like. (Li & Fung is a 116-year old Hong Kong-based global supply chain company.)

Nardone Family Seminar Series

Made possible by a gift from David R. Nardone, this seminar series brings scholars and practitioners to Northeastern University to share insights on emerging markets.

C. Annique Un

When and How Refugees Thrive in Host Countries

Featuring  C. Annique Un, Associate Professor of International Business & Strategy at Northeastern University, the talk analyzed how refugees can contribute to resettlement countries by becoming innovative employees.

Karine Hirn, Chief Sustainability Officer & Partner, East Capital

Investing in Emerging and Frontier Markets

Karine Hirn, Chief Sustainability Officer & Partner, East Capital, presented on investing in emerging markets: Reflections on two decades of investing from Moscow to Shanghai.

Marc H. Meyer

Entrepreneurship in South Korea

Professors Marc Meyer (Northeastern University) and Chaewon Lee (Seoul National University of Science and Technology) gave a talk on Entrepreneurship in South Korea as part of the Center for Emerging Markets Nardone Seminar Series.