This post originally appeared on Northeastern Global News. It was published by Alena Kuzub.

Heightened public attention to racial justice after the murder of George Floyd led to a noticeable change in how racial diversity in TV advertisements affects potential consumer spending, a study finds.

Northeastern researchers Koen Pauwels, distinguished professor of marketing, and Yakov Bart, associate professor of marketing, measured the effect of racially diverse TV ads on consumer purchase intentions (average willingness to purchase a product or a service) in collaboration with co-authors, Gijs Overgoor from the Rochester Institute of Technology and Gokhan Yildirim from Imperial College London.

“Television remains a significant and influential medium for consumer persuasion,” Bart says. “And there has been a lot of conversation in the media industry about the importance of responding to the desire of consumers to see more racial diversity in media content.”

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