The D'Amore-McKim School of Business welcomed 12 new full-time faculty to its accomplished academic roster of innovators, scholars, researchers, and leaders. In addition, the school celebrated two faculty who were visiting professors who are now tenure-track assistant professors. In a time unlike any other faced before, D'Amore-McKim remains steadfast in growing its community of prominent experts and pioneering scholars who set the standards in global business education.

Our faculty continue to generate impactful research and serve as leaders in their fields by increasing their research productivity and holding positions on editorial boards of top-tier journals.

Their extensive industry experiences and timely business research make them essential in furthering D'Amore-McKim's unique ability to bridge the gap between world-class academics and meaningful business application.

Delivering education powered by experiential learning, D'Amore-McKim faculty develop enlightened leaders of the tomorrow who will shape the future of business in a landscape defined by digital convergence.

Meet our new tenure-track faculty

headshot of Shuyang Wang

Shuyang Wang

Assistant Professor, Accounting
PhD in Accountancy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Wang's work addresses how private equity investments affect financial misreporting, how regulations and inter-firm information externally shape misreporting decisions, and how executive compensation plans incorporate financial information.


Saptarshi Mukherjee

Assistant Professor, Finance
Ph.D. in Finance, New York University Stern School of Business

Mukherjee's research focuses on household finance and corporate finance. He is particularly interested in understanding how households allocate their financial wealth; how macroeconomic frictions affect their wealth allocations over time; and how these behaviors contribute and have contributed to the widening wealth inequality observed worldwide over the last few decades. In corporate finance, Mukherjee is interested in understanding how secondary market conditions affect firm decisions and dynamics. His current teaching interests at D'Amore-McKim include corporate finance and financial mathematics.


Amy Pei

Amy Pei

Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD in Marketing, University of Southern California

Pei's two main areas of research are influencer marketing and social media. In her line of research about influencer marketing, she studies how firms can optimally manage influencer reviews through paid affiliations; how disclosure requirements affect both the firm's strategy and consumer welfare; and when and how style influencers affect consumers's preferences. In her line of research about social media, Pei studies the unintended consequences of curation algorithms in the presence of misinformation. Her research findings have broad implications for firms, consumers, and regulators.


Shawn Bhimani

Shawn Bhimani

Assistant Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
Ph.D. in Operations Management, University of Leicester

Bhimani's research is at the intersection of supply chain labor, risk and corporate social responsibility (CSR). He is focused on preventing forced labor (i.e. human trafficking) in supply chains. He uses quantitative (econometrics, game theory, optimization) and qualitative techniques to help companies, governments, and NGOs stop modern slavery in supply chains. Bhimani has taught supply chain and operations management at multiple top-tier universities for Ph.D., MBA and undergraduate courses on the subjects of operations and supply chain fundamentals, sustainability, ethics, statistics and optimization. He is a current faculty member at D'Amore-McKim, transitioning into a tenure-track position.


Meet our new non tenure-track faculty

headshot of dan sunderland

Dan Sunderland

Professor of Practice, Accounting
MBA, University of Chicago

Sunderland recently retired from Deloitte & Touche, where he served as Chief Auditor, after a 38-year career. He has served a variety of clients directly, including Fortune 50 clients, and regularly interacted with a variety of regulators and boards.


Jim Campasano

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD in Finance, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Campasano studies empirical asset pricing with a focus on options. He is currently examining how the term structure of implied volatility impacts the pricing and returns of equities and equity options.


professor mark muzere

Mark Muzere

Visiting Associate Professor, Finance
PhD in Financial Economics, Washington University
PhD in Mathematics, Northwestern University

Muzere's research focuses on international finance, investments, and corporate finance, while teaching interests lie in financial management, investments, corporate finance, and economics.


Michael Enright

Pierre Choueiri Family Professor in Global Business, International Business & Strategy
PhD in Business Economics, Harvard University

Enright is a leading expert on international competitiveness, regional economic development, and international business strategy. He has written definitive works on the strategies and organizations of multinational companies, the impact of foreign firms on China's economy, regional clusters, and the competitiveness of national and regional economies. 


headshot of George Yip

George Yip

Distinguished Visiting Professor, International Business & Strategy
Distinguished Faculty Fellow at the Center for Emerging Markets
DBA in Business Policy, Harvard Business School

Yip's research interests focus on frontier issues for managers, especially in international business. His current focus is about the rise of innovation in China and how both Chinese and foreign companies can manage that phenomenon. Another current focus is global account management by multinational companies.


headshot of Ravit Heskiau, MOD part-time faculty

Ravit Heskiau

Visiting Lecturer, Management and Organizational Development
PhD in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, University of Toronto

Heskiau's research is focused on employees' multiple identities and roles, and how the interface between work and non-work roles can be leveraged to promote performance and well-being. She studies theory-based interventions that empower individuals to manage the work-life interface.


Lux Veritas Virtus image

Myles Garvey

Assistant Teaching Professor, Marketing
PhD in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Science, Rutgers Business School


headshot of Didem Kurt

Didem Kurt

Visiting Associate Professor, Marketing
PhD in Marketing, University of Pittsburgh

Didem's research interests include shopper behavior with a special focus on social influence, inequality, and religiosity. Previously, she served as an associate editor at Frontiers in Psychology


Shubhro Sen

Visiting Professor & Executive-in-Residence, Marketing
PhD in Marketing, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley


headshot of Carol Lee

Carol Lee

Assistant Teaching Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD in Information Systems for Data Science, University of Massachusetts Boston

Lee's research areas include business analytics, social media, decision models and their impacts on organizations and society. She is the founding Vice President of the Association of Information Systems (AIS) Doctoral Student College. She is an active member of AIS and the Academy of Management. She has served as a reviewer for many journals and conferences, including the Journal of Information Organization, The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, AOM Annual Meeting, and the International Conference on Information Systems.