Didem Kurt holds a PhD degree in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA degree in Finance from the University of Alabama. Her research interests include shopper behavior with a special focus on social influence, inequality and religiosity. She received the best paper award in the 2019 SCP Winter Conference. She previously served as an Associate Editor at the Frontiers in Psychology. She is also interested in marketing-finance interface and co-authored a book chapter on the topic.

Her teaching interests are consumer behavior and marketing management. She previously taught a doctoral seminar on consumer decision making.


  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • MBA, University of Alabama
  • BS, Middle East Technical University

Selected Publications

  • Whitley, Sarah, Remi Trudel, and Didem Kurt (2018), “The Influence of Purchase Motivation on Perceived Preference Uniqueness and Assortment Size Choice,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (December), 710-724.
  • Kurt, Didem, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Francesca Gino (2018), “Religious Shoppers Spend Less Money,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 78 (September), 116-124.
  • Kurt, Didem and John S. Hulland (2013), “Aggressive Marketing Strategy Following Equity Offerings and Firm Value: The Role of Relative Strategic Flexibility,” Journal of Marketing, 77 (5), 57-74.
  • Kurt, Didem and J. Jeffrey Inman (2013), “Mispredicting Others' Valuations: Self-Other Difference in the Context of Endowment,” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (June), 78- 89.
  • Kurt, Didem, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Jennifer J. Argo (2011), “The Influence of Friends on Consumer Spending: The Role of Agency-Communion and Self-Monitoring,” Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (August), 741-754.