Combining course work and a summer field project, the minor in sustainable business practices seeks to provide students with a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and the tools to address these issues in a business environment.

This interdisciplinary minor is open to business and non-business majors.

Sustainable Business Practices Minor Curriculum

Below you will find a sample curriculum for the Undergraduate Minor in Sustainable Business Practices. You can find the full set of Sustainable Business Practices minor requirements in Northeastern's Course Catalog. Please consult the Course Catalog appropriate to your class year and your academic advisor to ensure your coursework in on track.

Note: No more than three courses may be taken from any one college.

Sustainability in Business

FINA 2720. Sustainability in the Business Environment. 4 Hours.

Examines a variety of environmental problems, including global warming, use and disposal of toxic substances, and depletion of natural resources such as water and petroleum. Many of these problems arise because these are resources that are available to all and so their overuse is an externality that is not included in manufacturing costs. Businesses have been involved in both identifying sustainability issues in their individual organizations and providing a variety of innovative solutions. Uses a combination of readings and case analyses to assesses how both government regulations—such as taxes, subsidies, building codes, prohibitions of use—and business solutions—including zero emissions, green design, producer take-back, life cycle assessment, and corporate environmental reporting—address these problems.

Field Study

Note: Field study may vary in credit. Additional field study courses may be accepted with approval from the undergraduate dean's office.

ENTR 3336
and ENTR 3338
Resource Management and Renewable Energy in Iceland
and Field Research in Sustainable Energy in Iceland


Complete two of the following:

CIVE 2334Environmental Engineering: Principles, Technology, and Sustainability
ECON 3423Environmental Economics
ECON 3425Energy Economics
ENVR 1101Environmental Science
ENVR 1112Environmental Geology
ENVR 1120Oceans and Coasts
ENVR 1200Dynamic Earth
GE 1201Alternative Energy Technologies Abroad
PHIL 1180Environmental Ethics
PHYS 1132Energy, Environment, and Society
POLS 2395Environmental Politics and Policy
SOCL 1246Environment and Society

Interested? Next Steps

To declare a minor in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, including as part of the BS in Business Administration and the BS in International Business, students should complete the online minor registration form:

Students will be required to log in using their MyNortheastern credentials. Once the form has been submitted, the student will receive a confirmation email to their husky email account and the student record will be updated within 10-14 business days.

To declare a minor, students must have a 2.0 GPA and be a full-time undergraduate student at Northeastern. To graduate with the minor, students must attain a 2.0 GPA in the courses taken for the minor. No classes for the minor may be taken for a pass/fail grade. The minor is posted on the official transcript within one month of graduation.

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