The business analytics minor is open to undergraduate students with any major and concentration. The minor program offers contemporary data-grounded courses from a business perspective. The goal of these courses is to help students develop business data capability that can be applied to all business and decisions contexts. The minor courses include both fundamental courses and courses geared toward more specific data analytics challenges. Each of these courses will include real-world examples and data sets, grounded in relevant theory and principles, and will be reinforced using various user-friendly tools to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for tomorrow's work environment. 

This minor is open to business majors and non-business majors.

Business Analytics Minor Curriculum

Below you will find a sample curriculum for the Undergraduate Minor in Business Analytics. You can find the full set of Business Analytics Minor requirements in Northeastern's Course Catalog. Please consult the Course Catalog appropriate to your class year and your academic advisor to ensure your coursework is on track.


MISM 2510. Fundamentals of Information Analytics. 4 Hours.

Focuses on information analytics concepts and techniques needed by educated information analysts, designers, and consumers to lead organizations in the contemporary information age. Includes concepts, techniques, methods, and strategies for the entire information life cycle—collection, organization, exploration, analysis, manipulation, visualization, interpretation, and presentation of information for business. Each of these topics is introduced with real-world examples and data sets, grounded in relevant theory and principles, and is reinforced using various user-friendly software tools to gain the necessary analytical skills and knowledge.


Complete three of the following:

BUSN 5001Data-Driven and Technology-Enabled Value Creation in Digital Economy
ECON 2560Applied Econometrics
EECE 2300Computational Methods for Data Analytics
FINA 4380Financial Data Analytics with Python
JRNL 3610Digital Storytelling and Social Media
MGMT 4410Workforce Analytics
MISM 3403Data Management in the Enterprise
MISM 3501Information Visualization for Business
MISM 3515Data Mining for Business
MISM 3525Modeling for Business Analytics
MISM 4983Special Topics in Management Information Systems
MKTG 3501Marketing Analytics
PHIL 2050Information and Uncertainty
SCHM 3308Supply Chain Analytics

Interested? Next Steps

To declare a minor in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, including as part of the BS in Business Administration and the BS in International Business, students should complete the online minor registration form:

Students will be required to log in using their MyNortheastern credentials. Once the form has been submitted, the student will receive a confirmation email to their Northeastern email account and the student record will be updated within 10-14 business days.

To declare a minor, students must have a 2.0 QPA and be a full-time undergraduate student at Northeastern. To graduate with the minor, students must attain a 2.0 QPA in the courses taken for the minor. No classes for the minor may be taken for a pass/fail grade. The minor is posted on the official transcript within one month of graduation.

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