Corporate Residency

Hone your skills through an intensive work experience during corporate residency.


corporate residency placement rate


hours per week

3, 6, or up to 12

months on corporate residency varies per program

Your corporate residency at D’Amore-McKim will boost your confidence and build your network through an intense work experience that’s unique to our program. If you’re a Full-Time MBA or Full-Time MS in Finance/MBA student, you’ll work full time at a leading firm or startup in your field and earn a salary. If you are a MS in Accounting/MBA student, you’ll work full-time at a Big 4 or other top accounting firm, gaining paid professional experience and making valuable industry connections.

In your residency, you’ll have significant responsibilities from the moment you walk through the door and spend months immersed in the company, solving problems and building relationships with senior leadership. And you may find yourself with a job offer from your host company after your residency.

You simply won’t find another MBA internship with this kind of impact. You’ll make meaningful contributions to your host firm and be able to see your classroom learnings make a difference in real time. And you’ll graduate the program with a powerful industry network already in place.

Your advisor will help you find the residency opportunity aligned with your goals.

Three residency durations offered:

  • 3 months—Accelerate your degree if you’re experienced in your field and aren’t changing careers. Only duration for MS in Accounting/MBA
  • 6 months—Get the full residency experience and forge deep connections in your chosen field.
  • 12 months—Complete long-term initiatives with your host firm or complete two six-month residencies at different firms will build the unique skill set and network you need to advance your career.

The Corporate Residency Experience

“My Corporate Residency gave me many things, but more than anything it gave me a confidence that I’ll carry forward through the rest of my career.”


Meet some of our employers

“Students from the Northeastern MSA/MBA program do so well because liberal arts is part of their education. It’s all about thinking, communicating, and problem-solving..When you combine the technical and soft skills, it results in a really good auditor.”

“The residency provides us a source of talent to hire, and it gives both the MBA student and the hiring manager the ability to get familiar with each other first to see if the relationship will be a good long-term fit. There’s simply less risk for hiring a resident that we already know. This workforce development model has been a big success for my company.”

Meet some of our students

“When I did my residency in finance, I was surprised by how much I liked the field…As a result of that experience, I have accepted a full-time job in finance.”

“I chose this program for two main reasons—the corporate residency and the university’s excellent veterans’ services. When I began as an undergraduate, I struggled to adjust to civilian life. The strong veteran community was, more than anything else, what got me through.”

“I would highly recommend D’Amore-McKim. The program’s connections to some of the biggest accounting firms in the world and the paid corporate residency make it worth it in itself, but the hands-on experience coupled with the classroom knowledge make this program an even bigger no-brainer for anyone interested in accounting.”

Undergraduate Degree: Journalism

“The accounting internship enabled me to build the self-confidence necessary to excel at work and also gave me the opportunity to develop strong relationships within the company that will help me begin my full-time career on the right foot,” says Sponsel.

Programs offering a Corporate Residency

Build the tech-focused business expertise employers want—and power your learning with unique experiences, such as our high-impact corporate residency. Choose from 24 in-demand concentrations, including our signature non-business MBA x concentrations.

Become a leader in the rapidly changing field of accounting by building comprehensive accounting knowledge, critical business skills, and proficiency in data analytics—and gain professional accounting experience through an intensive corporate residency. This degree is designed for non-accounting majors.

Build the core skills that prepare you to lead in business—along with advanced financial expertise that gives you unique insight into decision-making. Choose from 21 in-demand concentrations, including our signature non-business MBA x concentrations, and power your learning with unique experiences, such as our high-impact corporate residency.

Full-Time Corporate Residency Statistics

Corporate Residents make a true impact at leading companies across the business world. See how.

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MS in Accounting/MBA Corporate Residency

Experience the world of fast-paced accounting.

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