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Hometown: South Brunswick, New Jersey
Current Position: Tax Associate at PwC
Previous University: Rutgers University
Q: What drew you to Northeastern's MS in Accounting/MBA program?

A: As an undergraduate student who studied IT, I liked how the program was specifically designed for those who don't have an accounting background. This unique detail was something that I had a difficult time finding, as most master's programs require previous knowledge in accounting. In addition, I was intrigued by the corporate residency and the opportunities that followed.

Q: What was the biggest takeaway from your corporate residency?

A: I learned to not be scared of asking for help. At first, I was definitely intimidated by the size of the company and it was also my first job ever. Fortunately, my team went above and beyond with explaining concepts and guiding me through tasks so that I could get a solid understanding and feel more comfortable as an intern. It was then that I realized how important it is to continuously learn in order to grow and improve in the industry.

Q: How did the corporate residency prepare you for your current role?

A: Already in the first few months as a new associate, I have felt the effects of how the corporate residency put me a step ahead of others. In addition to the terminology and methodology that I was learning, the residency gave me an inside look into how the work was set up and organized. Through shadowing and aiding the associates, I felt more aware of my responsibilities going into my current position.

Additionally, my corporate residency gave me the chance to interact and work directly with people at all levels of the firm, allowing me to further understand my position as a future associate at PwC, and create valuable connections that helped build my network in New York City.

Q: In what other ways did the program prepare you for success, specifically with networking opportunities?

A: The program provided me with many networking events to attend, and I definitely took advantage. In addition to meeting many alumni at those events, I was also assigned a buddy who was a current student in the program. It was nice being able to gain insight into the interviewing process from someone with similar goals. In addition to my mentor's advice, the MSA/MBA program also gave me guidance on the placement process. From small details such as dress code, to interview etiquette, my advisor supplied me with information on how to strengthen a connection. Through these aspects of the program, I was able to portray confidence and find success in networking.

Q: Do you have advice for prospective students?

A: If you're considering the program, definitely go for it. You're going to learn so much about yourself and the field, and you're going to meet so many people. It's amazing how the program gives you the opportunity to make these everlasting connections. Also, don't doubt yourself throughout the program. You may find yourself scared or nervous, but I promise you that you'll find your way with the help of your advisor and staff at D'Amore-McKim. This program is a really great experience, and I don't think that you can get this type of support system anywhere else.

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