5 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

Lead more effectively by strengthening your knowledge of essential practices in accounting and financial reporting.

1 to 3 years, Boston

Build a specialized set of skills for strategic brand management—learning to identify customer needs, analyze trends, and understand the competitive landscape.

4 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

Advance your skills for a digital-first economy by building your business expertise, your leadership acumen, and your data and technology skills. Choose from five unique formats based on your needs, interests, and career goals.

1 to 3 years

Deepen your knowledge of cutting-edge analytics tools and learn to transform data into smart business strategy.

Through Northeastern University’s four-course Graduate Certificate in Business Management for Healthcare, you will have the opportunity to explore fundamental business strategy concepts as they apply to the healthcare industry.

5 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

Strengthen your knowledge of finance and global markets, building the skills you need to create and implement financial strategies in a dynamic business environment.

8 months to 3 years, Boston

This specialized program will help you build the foundational business knowledge required to commercialize theories you have or products you are developing.

5 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

Learn strategic financial skills for leading troubled companies through workouts, bankruptcies, liquidations, and restructuring—and helping them find success on the other side.

8 months to 3 years, Boston

The Entrepreneurship Certificate program is designed for professionals with college degrees or current graduate students interested in corporate venturing or developing a freestanding start-up.

8 months to 3 years, Boston, Online

In the D’Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate in International Business, you will gain exposure to the essentials of international business practice.