Sustainability isn't just another buzzword in business—it's a new paradigm that requires organizations to understand and mitigate the impact of their actions on surrounding communities. More than ever, consumers are watching and demanding action, making expertise in sustainable strategy a highly marketable skill set valued across all industries and business types.

The Sustainability and Business concentration from D'Amore-McKim will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to create long-term strategies that increase shareholder value—while reducing your organization's environmental footprint, respecting norms of social justice, and promoting transparent governance. This concentration can lay the foundation for you to work toward a sustainability-specific role in business, such as a sustainability consultant or an environmental portfolio manager, or add a vital set of tools to prepare for an eventual leadership role such as operations manager or business development manager.

Your required coursework will cover the essentials of global competition and market dominance and how they relate to creating sustainable shareholder value. You'll choose electives that reflect your goals, such as social entrepreneurship, public policy, or sustainable supply chain management, building your ability to integrate the bottom line and the greater good.

Programs offering this concentration

Additionally offered for LLM/MBA