For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Think Bigger and Act Bolder

You want to push the innovative boundaries and start a venture of your own. Your drive and ambition belong in one place: The D’Amore-McKim School of Business, where Full-Time MBA and Full-Time MS in Finance/MBA students can concentrate in Entrepreneurship.

Here, you will develop insight and expertise in a place where the entrepreneurial community is thriving. In fact, there are 15 organizations on campus dedicated to helping students, faculty, staff, and alumni foster innovation and entrepreneurship—from assistance with financial resources to developing business plans to networking with Boston’s entrepreneurial community.

We maintain a vibrant focus on entrepreneurship and innovation inside and outside of the classroom. As you gain the skills to help you successfully start and then lead a new business, you will be surrounded by a community of progressive thinking.

You can also get involved with IDEA as a mentor. In fact, when you serve as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs through the IDEA program, you will earn one credit. IDEA has helped numerous businesses grow from core concept to launch. In this unique organization you will work with mentors and coaches across the entire start-up phase as well as gain access to financial support and in-kind resources like marketing and accounting from corporate partners.

From product and service development to financing, go-to-market strategies to loan development and managing high-performance teams, this specialized program helps you to magnify your value to your new company and chart a new course for your career.

It all begins with your classroom experience, providing powerful insight from guest entrepreneurs and seasoned faculty who fully understand the start-up process. You will learn how to generate ideas, overcome legal issues, attract the right talent, and launch companies. Then, you put that knowledge to work and expand your network of contacts through a paid corporate residency. All together, you will gain a powerful new level of confidence and knowledge, fueling your creative mind as you take on challenges and opportunities that have untapped potential.

For someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, it takes more than just having the ideas. You need the backing, you need the connections, and you need funding in many instances. But more than that, you need a support system along with your education, and you can find that at D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

Jake Johnson, MBA’15
Product Manager, LogMeIn