Developing a product or service and bringing it to market as a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs requires the right skills and the support of a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem. You'll leverage your ambition to become an entrepreneur or join entrepreneurs by working to help founders realize the potential of their best ideas.

The Entrepreneurship concentration from D'Amore-McKim equips you with the expertise and perspective that you need to make new business ventures successful. Your coursework will give you a deep understanding of how to design winning competitive strategies, from product and service development to venture financing, business plans, go-to-market strategies, and managing high-performance teams.

You'll also be able to tap into a thriving entrepreneurial community at Northeastern to develop and amplify your ideas—and share your own expertise. This includes IDEA, our award-winning new venture accelerator, VMN a venture mentoring network of high-powered investors and entrepreneurs, and a network of faculty and alumni passionate about entrepreneurship.

Programs offering this concentration