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Our Business Analytics concentration for Full-Time MBA and Full-Time MS in Finance/MBA students will prepare you to manage people and organizations with a foundational understanding of how data can be used to drive both to greater heights. Through your core courses you’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of all the major business functions—and in this concentration you will also dive into how each can benefit from tools like advanced data mining techniques, visual dashboards, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

What’s most important is that you’ll learn to use information to make better decisions no matter what industry or job function you’re headed for. This program can give you the skills that elevate you above your peers, especially if you’re looking to build your career in a field being transformed by technology. (And really, what field isn’t? Everything from investing to product development is being revolutionized by data.)

If you already have a solid understanding of how analytics can be used, or have a strong quantitative background, this program can build on your existing foundation of knowledge and give you an even more sophisticated toolkit for decision-making. If you’re new to analytics but have a keen interest in how data-based insights can grow a business, this program can increase your quantitative aptitude and give you a solid grounding in the basics of interpretation.

For Full-Time MBA students, this concentration makes an excellent secondary focus paired with any of our other concentrations (finance, healthcare management, marketing, for example); and for dual degree MS in Finance/MBA students, it’s a powerful, highly recommended secondary focus. Think of it as a practical toolkit to complement the theoretical learning that drives those business areas.

Finally, you’ll get a chance to test-drive that practical toolkit in an exciting arena: a paid corporate residency with a company whose mission matches your career interests. You’ll help a real corporate team make better decisions based on data, building confidence and experience in the process. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that distinguishes D’Amore-McKim from other schools—and will distinguish you from other business graduates.