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Our student directors have created a completely student-organized and managed learning environment. I don't get up and lecture and say, “This is how it's done”; instead, students stand up and say, “This is how I've learned to do it.”

Harlan Platt, 360 Huntington Fund founder and advisor

360 Huntington Fund offers an amazing opportunity for our graduate students at Northeastern—it's the chance to join the management team of a real mutual fund in Northeastern's endowment. No matter what your experience level with managing stocks, you'll learn invaluable skills in an environment that no simulated fund exercise can match.

As a team member, you'll be part of a diverse group of students who research, recommend, and choose the stocks that make up the fund. You can participate in two ways by submitting an application:

  • For credit, if your program allows. (Scroll down for a list of eligible programs.) Apply for a management position or join as an entry-level analyst; you'll be responsible for at least one stock pitch per semester.
  • As a non-credit club member. Attend meetings, ask questions, and absorb all of the day-to-day intricacies of managing investments.

Unique Opportunities

Managing the 360 Huntington Fund is a great way to explore your interests in finance, network with like-minded peers, and cultivate skills that can carry you far in your career.

  • Learn how to analyze the finances of a company and write original research reports about potential investments
  • Hold a position on the management team and learn the responsibilities involved in running a real mutual fund—or work your way to a leadership position through active participation over several semesters
  • Present investment recommendations to a panel of your peers
  • Participate in lively debate on the merits of each presentation
  • Make investment decisions with real-world implications


The 360 Huntington Fund is launching an application this year. If you are interested in applying please click the link below.

The 360 Huntington Fund is a dynamic environment where you can make your own way. If you come in with some investment finance or accounting experience, you can start at the management level; if you have no experience at all, you can grow into a management role by showing initiative.

Connor Smith-Subecz, MBA'21, 360 Huntington Fund Student Managing Director 2020-21

As a first-time student joining the fund, you may come in knowing very little about the stock market—and by the end of one meeting you'll know how to write an original research report on a stock and get sound ideas about how to analyze the finances of a stock. It's a huge, huge learning experience that has only the pressure or responsibility of a one-credit class.

Scott Schoen, Faculty Advisor and Guest Lecturer

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