Bloomberg Certifications

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Learning to use the Bloomberg Terminal software can give you an edge in job interviews. By completing the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) and the Bloomberg Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) certification process, you can gain a deeper understanding of how businesses operate in the global economy—and how they implement strategies to become better corporate citizens. You'll also show employers that you have the discipline and ability to master new analytics tools.  

Bloomberg Certification

Both certifications are free for members of the Northeastern University community. You can pursue certification on your own or as a member of the Northeastern community. 

  • As a D'Amore-McKim undergraduate student, you'll earn BMC certification if you enroll in Introduction to Business (BUSN 1101) 
  • As a D'Amore-McKim graduate student, you may become certified as part of select courses 
  • If you have a role in the 360 Huntington Fund, you'll typically earn BMC certification as part of that coursework 

When hiring companies see I have a Bloomberg Market Concept certification, they know I've done my homework and have the skills. This certification is an important asset for any company when hiring a team member, and it put me in a favorable position during my hiring process.

Kavan Pandit, Financial Analyst, Houlihan Lokey

Preview Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification

With Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, you'll get an interactive introduction to the financial markets and learn to complete modern financial workflows. You'll complete four modules  to become certified: 

  • Economic Indicators 
  • Currencies 
  • Fixed Income 
  • Equities 

You'll also have access to additional modules to deepen your learning in specific areas, including Portfolio Management, Commodities, Equity Options, and more.

Preview ESG Certification

Earning the Bloomberg Environmental Social Governance certification will prepare you to design, implement, and report on strategies that help organizations act ethically and responsibly. 

You'll practice new skills by acting on behalf of a fictitious asset management firm looking to make responsible investments. You'll complete seven modules to become certified: 

  • 1. Introduction to ESG and Sustainable Finance 
  • 2. Researching & Adopting ESG 
  • 3. Negative Screening & Positive Screening 
  • 4. ESG Integration – Fixed Income 
  • 5. ESG Integration – Equities 
  • 6. Corporate Governance and Shareholder Action 
  • 7. Reporting Sustainability Activities 

If you completed BMC certification, add Portfolio Management, Commodity, Equity Options, and more modules to round out your skills! Bloomberg's tools can help you analyze performance and risk. 

Deepen your understanding of key financial topics—and stand out to potential employers. Create an account to get started on Bloomberg Market Concepts certification.