About Nicholas

Hometown: Shelton, Connecticut 
Previous University: Bryant University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Services
Q: Why did you choose to pursue your graduate degree at D'Amore-McKim?

A: I chose Northeastern primarily because D'Amore-McKim offered a program that allowed me to explore both areas of study that I was interested in. I didn't have to choose between an MBA and a specialized master's. All my mentors encouraged me to follow the path that interested me. I know what I want to do in my career, and I enjoyed the optionality that Northeastern provided me and the specialization of the program.

Q: You worked professionally for over five years before coming to Northeastern. How has your experience impacted your time in the program?

A: Before coming to Northeastern, I was at Partners Capital for five years, working most recently as a Senior Investment Associate. In my role, I was a part of the portfolio management team, where I worked with multi-asset clients. I primarily focused on day-to-day investment strategy, designed risk management architecture, and managed institutional and individual client portfolios.

My professional work experience really framed the way I thought and learned during my classes. So much of the MBA coursework revolves around case studies and problem-solving, not to mention learning how to work on a team, and skills like that require practice. Classes work towards developing these skills, of course, but coming into the program with prior experience helped me take full advantage of the curriculum.

Q: Tell me about your experience as managing director of the 360 Huntington Fund.

A: I joined the 360 Huntington Fund in 2021, where I worked as risk manager and then as managing director. The 360 Huntington Fund is centered around deep research on companies, businesses, and stocks to assess investment ideas. I spent a lot of my time as managing director overseeing strategy, managing portfolios, and leading my team. I made sure that operations were managed tightly and ensured that processes were in place to set the organization up for success. My goal throughout my time as director was to evolve the fund into a holistically managed portfolio and investment vehicle. After handing over the Managing Director reins, I migrated to a chairman role in order to oversee governance, and was removed from the day to day. I learned a lot in my time here and enjoyed the opportunity this experience gave me to sharpen my management skills.

Q: Careerwise, what are you excited about pursuing in the future?

A: My goal is to develop quantitative trading strategies. I'm interested in both the development and implementation of this strategy. I'm building my knowledge in programming and sharpening my academic and professional skills to follow this dream.

Q: What advice do you have for future students?

A: Be prepared to manage your time efficiently and prioritize your classwork. Be professional and make good impressions. Make sure that you brush up on your Microsoft skills. It's important that you can confidently operate individual Microsoft tools and understand how they work together. All these things help productivity and maximize time.

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