The D'Amore-McKim School of Business is pleased to announce the addition of 23 new full-time faculty to its impressive body of fellow intellectuals, innovators, and leaders this fall. Their collective accomplishments and experiences will help enrich our students' journeys and prepare them for future-focused global business endeavors.

“This group of talented faculty research essential issues that have significant public policy implications. They will seamlessly contribute to our modernized and interdisciplinary curriculum providing students with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills they need to be attractive to employers and succeed in a rapidly evolving economy,” says Interim Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research and the Donald F. Harding Professor of Finance Olubunmi (Bunmi) Faleye. “We're very excited that they're now part of our D'Amore-McKim community.”

Meet our new tenure and tenure-track faculty

Evisa Bogdani

Assistant Professor, Accounting
PhD, Business Administration and Accounting, University of Kentucky

Bogdani's research focuses on auditing, financial accounting, examining intermediaries and disclosure in new financial markets, equity crowdfunding, and data analytics diffusion and their role in auditing.

Kevin Chuah

Assistant Professor, IB&S
PhD, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

Chuah's research focuses on responsible investing, corporate sustainability, and corporate governance. Specifically, his research examines how shareholder activism impacts firms' strategies concerning social, environmental, and governance issues.

Nabeel Gillani

CAMD / Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Media Arts and Sciences, MIT

Gillani leads Northeastern University's Plural Connections Group. His research focuses on tools from computation and design to foster pluralism to promote economic, educational, and social inclusion.

Matthew Rocklage

Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Social Psychology, The Ohio State University

Rocklage's background in social psychology and data influence his research on how emotion affects consumer behavior. Rocklage created a tool that uses big data and captured attitudes by natural text – to measure and understand attitude emotionality.

Andrés Shahidinejad

Assistant Professor, Finance / CSSH
PhD, Economics, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Shahidinejad's primary research areas are household and consumer finance, the role of nonprofit banks in credit markets, how data-sharing agreements among lenders help reduce informational asymmetries, and the determinants of access to banking services across geography.

Fabricius Somogyi

Assistant Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, University of St. Gallen

Somogyi's research includes asset pricing, market microstructures, international finance, liquidity risk, FX trading, and FX marketing.

Kinde Wubneh

Assistant Professor, E&I / CAMD
PhD, Strategic Management, University of Texas at Austin

Wubneh's research interests include external influences on innovation trajectories, technology adaptation and change, healthcare, startups, and when firms should explore new domains versus exploitation of what already exists.

Meet our new non-tenure-track faculty

Rasha Alahmad

Visiting Assistant Professor, SCIM
PhD, Information, University of Michigan

Alahmad's research focuses on the interdependence between individuals and AI in the workplace, mutual adaptation, individual identity, and machine involvement.

Roy Anderson

Visiting Lecturer, SCIM
MBA, Babson College

Anderson has experience consolidating companies and transforming procurement organizations with strategic solutions. His teaching interests include modern procurement and supply chain management.

Milivoje Davidovic

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Economics, Northern Illinois University
PhD, Finance and Banking, University of Novi Sad

Davidovic's research focuses on applied econometrics, computational economics, data science, algorithmic trading, and quantitative economics.

Cao Fang

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, University of Arkansas

Fang's research focuses on financial markets, investments, mutual funds, ETFs, green finance, community banking, and empirical asset pricing.

Faizul Huq

Visiting Professor, SCIM
DBA, Decision Science, University of Kentucky

Huq's research focuses on supply chain management practices, innovation capacity, environmental sustainability, operations management, global logistics, and decision theory.

Alper Koparan

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, Kent State University

Koparan's research interests include stocks and bonds, market manipulation, cryptocurrency, behavioral finance, and government finance and public debt management.

Smriti Kumar

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Marketing, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kumar's research focuses on digital and social media marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing principles, data privacy, and digital marketing and technology, particularly service robots and artificial intelligence.

Didem Kurt

Associate Teaching Professor, Marketing
PhD, Marketing, University of Pittsburgh

Kurt's research interests include shopper behavior impacted by social influence, inequality, and religion. Her teaching interests focus on marketing management and consumer behavior.

headshot of Didem Kurt

Fan Li

Assistant Teaching Professor, Finance
PhD, Finance, Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business

Li's research includes corporate governance and investments, focusing on financial institutions. He teaches various courses, including financial modeling, financial management, and portfolio management.

Heatherjean MacNeil

Visiting Lecturer, MOD
PhD, Business Administration, Organizations and Social Change, University of Massachusetts Boston

MacNeil's research interests include organizational behavior, diversity, equity, inclusion, gender in entrepreneurship, small business management, innovation, and strategy.

Ted Matherly

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Marketing, University of Maryland

Matherly's research focuses on reputation, brand relationships, text analysis, and communication platforms.

Loredana Padurean

Visiting Associate Teaching Professor, E&I
PhD, Management, Universita Della Svizzera Italiana

Padurean has extensive experience in executive education, focusing on intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, strategic innovation, digital transformation, SMART skills, and consumer centricity.

Julian Runge

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Economics and Management Science, Humboldt University Berlin

Runge's research includes behavior in digital marketing, marketing analytics, and managerial economics.

Jack Salerno

Assistant Teaching Professor, E&I
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Salerno is a mentor with the Venture Mentoring Network for startups. His teaching interests include entrepreneurial experience, innovation, strategic business development, and building intellectual property portfolios. He performed this role previously in a part-time capacity and has joined D'Amore-McKim full-time this year.

Jack Salerno

Ray Weaver

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Marketing Science, MIT

Weaver's research focuses on digital marketing, data science, customer experience, brand development, and consumer decision-making.

Naeem Zafar

Professor of Practice
MSEE in VLSI Design, University of Minnesota

Naeem has been the faculty director for Northeastern's semester in San Francisco since the start of the program. His research interests include innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems, finance, venture fundraising, and startups.

Naeem Zafar