• PhD Economics, Northern Illinois University
  • MS Statistics and Probability Theory, Northern Illinois University
  • MA Economics, Northern Illinois University
  • Phd Finance and Banking, University of Novi Sad
  • MS Finance and Banking, University of Novi Sad
  • BS Financial Management and Accounting, University of Novi Sad

Selected Publications

  • Davidovic, M. (2021). From pandemic to financial contagion: High-frequency risk matrics and bayesian volatility analysis. Finance research Letter.
  • Uzelac, O., Davidovic, M., & Dukic-Marjanovic, M. (2020). Legal framework, political environment and economic freedom in central and eastern Europe: Do they matter for economic development? Post-Communist Economies, 32(6): 697-725.
  • Davidovic, M., Uzelac, O., & Zelenovic, V. (2019). Efficiency dynamics of the Croatian banking industry. Economic research – Ekonomska Istrazivanja, 31(1): 33-49.
  • Fidanoski, F., Choudhry, M, Davidovic, M., & Sergi, S. B. (2018). What does affect profitability of banks in Croatia? Competitiveness Review, 28(4): 338-367.
  • Milenkovic, I. & Davidovic, M. (2013). Determinants of currency substitution / dollarization – the case of the Republic of Serbia. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice, 2(1): 139-155.
  • Davidovic, M., Milenkovic, I., & Furtula, S. (2013). Currency substitution and bank profitability: Panel evidence from Serbia. Actual Problems of Economics, 12(150): 381-392.
  • Zelenovic, V., Lukac, D. & Davidovic, M. (2011). Market research – base of business decision making (company examples from Serbia). African Journal of Business Management, 5(11): 4549-4560.

Research & Teaching Interests

Milivoje Davidovic holds dual Ph.D. degrees in quantitative economics and econometrics, and financial economics. Accordingly, his teaching interests include financial data analytics, quantitative finance, computational economics and finance, portfolio management, and applied financial econometrics. His research interests span a diverse cross-section of hypermodern technical fields, from quantitative finance and applied time series analysis to Bayesian stochastic volatility modeling, operations research, and the efficiency of systemically important financial intermediaries. His research program features modern, innovative, interdisciplinary methods and approaches that combine theory with empirics, the discrete with the continuous, and the Bayesian with the frequentist.

Services to the Profession

Davidovic is an active member of the American Finance Association and the American Economic Association. He is also a member of The World Economic Association, The Royal Economic Society, and The International Association for Statistical Computing – International Statistical Institute (ISI).

Industry & Academic Experience

Davidovic worked as an Instructor of Economics at Northern Illinois University, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Valparaiso University, and an Economics Instructor at Tennessee Tech University. He also worked as a Financial Analyst for JP Morgan Chase, London, the U.K.