The search for meaningful work experience can be challenging, especially when juggling a busy class schedule. A micro-internship may be the answer you're looking for. Our partnership with the Parker Dewey organization gives you year-round access to highly relevant, short-term opportunities called micro-internships. Through a micro-internship, you can apply your classroom learnings to a paid project for a leading company or startup.


Whether you're launching your career or exploring a new career path, searching for ways to test the waters and get a foot in the door at the companies that interest can be tricky, especially when you don't have prior experience.

A micro-internship allows you to explore new industries, strengthen your skills, and expand your professional network through paid, short-term work. Unlike most traditional internships, micro-internships typically happen year-round, range from 10 to 40 hours total, and can be accomplished remotely at the times that suit your schedule. During your micro-internship, you will:

  • Explore the careers and companies that intrigue you
  • Find work that fits with your demanding academic schedule
  • Apply classroom learning to real business challenges
  • Gain valuable professional experience for your resumé
  • Develop the self-knowledge and enduring confidence that only experience can provide
  • Build relationships with employers aligned with your professional goals

How to secure a micro-internship

When you're ready to begin your search, create a Career Launcher profile and upload your resumé at the Parker Dewey website—be sure to build your profile thoughtfully, as micro-internships are highly competitive. These positions often fill the same day they're posted, so start early to secure the right opportunities for you.

What your micro-internship may look like  

You'll work on a strategic project for your micro-internship host company that will allow you to experience the company's culture and help advance its business goals. Your project will be similar to projects typically given to interns or new hires at the company.


Micro-internships are available year-round and range from 10 to 40 hours total. You'll complete and submit all tasks remotely at the times that suit your schedule.

Sample micro-internship project topics

  • Lead generation
  • Prospect research
  • CRM cleansing
Human Resources
  • Job description review
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Evaluating competitive best practices
  • Website updates
  • User experience testing
  • Updating user manuals
  • Data cleansing
  • Vendor research
  • Community relations
  • Content creation
  • Social media content calendar creation
  • Market research
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Industry analysis


After completing your micro-internship project, you'll outline your accomplishments and submit them to your employer, who will provide constructive feedback on your performance. You can then identify as an independent consultant for Parker Dewey on your résumé and LinkedIn profile.


All micro-internships are virtual.

You may repeat micro-internships with an employer—even if the micro-internship takes place in a different term or academic year. Once familiar with a company, an employer may ask you to continue working on a project or take on a related project if they like your work.

Please note that students on an F-1 visa will need to apply for CPT for each project they complete.

Your employer will determine your pay rate according to your responsibilities. Micro-internship postings will include the payment offered.

You may also find a volunteer opportunity through one of our nonprofit partners. If you're interested in pursuing a nonprofit micro-internship, connect with your career advisor to explore your options.

Ask good questions at the start—you need to understand why the client wants this project done and how they expect the finished product to look. Once you're clear on the expectations, set reasonable milestones that you know you can achieve, and reach out immediately to the company and Parker Dewey if you encounter a challenge you don't know how to handle. Make sure you complete your project 100% to the best of your ability. We advise having a peer check your work before you turn it in.

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