Investing wisely in a fast-moving global business environment requires an advanced understanding of valuation, efficiency, and risk. As the investing world becomes larger and more complex, the demand for knowledgeable decision-makers is expected to grow faster than the supply of talent, creating considerable opportunities for potential leaders.

The Investments concentration from D'Amore-McKim immerses you in the tools and theories of sound investment strategy, positioning you for a leadership role in managing assets for a financial institution or other large investor. Your core coursework dives into the essentials of financial management, teaching you to identify and analyze opportunities and build strategies that create value consistent with your investors' goals. You'll also build cutting-edge quantitative and modeling skills for the valuation of financial assets and the analysis of investment instruments.

You'll then build on your expertise even further by choosing electives relevant to your career path, such as risk management, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate investing, building a deep body of knowledge to draw from in decision-making.

One of your available electives offers you real-world financial experience as part of the student management team of the 360 Huntington Fund, a fund in Northeastern's endowment. You can choose between joining the fund as an analyst—where you'll research, analyze, and present your own investment choices to a panel of your peers—or apply for a manager role, where you'll learn typical mutual fund management and operations tasks such as preparing accounting statements, creating asset allocation plans, and monitoring compliance.

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