The D'Amore-McKim School of Business is excited to announce the addition of 18 new full-time faculty to its impressive body of fellow intellectuals, innovators, and leaders. Their collective accomplishments and experiences will help enrich our students' journeys and prepare them for future-focused global business endeavors.  

Every member of this talented group of scholars and teachers adds expertise to our community in areas that address our commitment to humanics and experiential education. They are all 100 percent committed to preparing our students for the future of work, and we're very pleased they have joined us.”

Olubunmi Faleye
Interim Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research; Donald F. Harding Professor of Finance

Meet our new tenure-track faculty

Melvin Kelley

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Law
JD, Columbia University Law School

Kelley's research focuses on the sociopolitical, geospatial, and civil rights implications of decentralizing public authority, antidiscrimination jurisprudence governing real estate transactions, and community economic development tactics with the aim of proposing possibilities for redressing enduring regional inequities in access to resources that enable upward mobility.

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John Lowrey

Assistant Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management and Health Sciences
PhD Operations Management, The Ohio State University

Lowrey's research takes an operations management approach to the study of food waste, retail operations, and preventative healthcare. Much of his work focuses on the impact of food donations. He works directly with several Feeding America member Food Banks to understand the explicit and implicit benefits of food donations at retail.

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Lua Yuille

Professor, Management & Organizational Development and Law
JD, Columbia University Law School

Yuille is a recognized praxivist, which is a philosophy that involves using her theoretical scholarship to inform her engagement in social change. Her current interdisciplinary work draws into conversation property law, heterodox economics, business law, critical pedagogy, and group identity.

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Meet our new non tenure-track faculty

Sunayan Acharya

Senior Lecturer, Finance
PhD Finance, University of Kentucky

Acharya has taught a wide variety of courses in finance covering corporate finance, investments and portfolios, financial institutions, financial models, and behavioral effects.

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Eric Bogert

Assistant Teaching Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD Management Information Systems, University of Georgia

Bogert's dissertation focused on how people respond to algorithmic advice. Currently, he is exploring this topic by studying how people respond to high-quality, opt-in algorithmic advice, using data from 

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Jingjing Chen

Visiting Assistant Professor, Finance
PhD Finance, Washington State University

Chen's research interests fall in the area of empirical asset pricing, sustainable investing, market microstructure, derivatives, and behavioral finance. Her current teaching interests are financial modeling, investment, financial management, FinTech, quantitative finance, and data analytics.

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Nikki James

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
EdD Higher Education, University of Liverpool

James' research interests revolve around providing access and lessening expenses of experiential and work-based learning for students. She is currently focused on how learning analytics, machine learning, and educational data mining can be utilized in experiential learning programs to better prepare students for tomorrow. 

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Bowen Luo

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD Marketing, University of Rochester

Luo's research interests include channel relationships and advertising. Her doctoral dissertation, “Manufacturer-Retailer Relationships and the Distribution of New Products,” won the 2020 ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Award and the 2021 AMS Mary Kay Dissertation Proposal Award.

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Christopher Miller

Assistant Teaching Professor, Accounting
PhD Accounting, University of Mississippi

Miller's interests include stock price manipulation, company valuation, and foreign markets. 

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Mayank Nagpal

Mayank Nagpal

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD Marketing, Pennsylvania State University

Nagpal's research interests are an amalgamation of marketing, data science, statistics, and business management. He has analyzed structured and unstructured data using statistical analysis and machine learning techniques across various industries, ranging from banking to online retail. 

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Headshot of Keivan Sadeghzadeh

Keivan Sadeghzadeh

Associate Teaching Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD Industrial Engineering (Specialization in Decision Analytics), Northeastern University

Sadeghzadeh's research is focused on the development of interpretable and robust machine learning models, in addition to quantitative and applied decision-making methods for performing operational risk and failure analysis. He's also interested in the application of statistics and knowledge discovery systems in terms of operations management. 

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headshot of Deborah Soule

Deborah Soule

Visiting Lecturer, Supply Chain & Information Management
DBA Technology and Operations Management, Harvard Business School

Soule's research focuses on organizing and leading in the digital economy, examining how organizations apply and adapt to advancing digital technologies and pervasive connected data. Currently, she is studying the cultural dimensions that support and shape successful digital transformation in organizations.

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Ellie Stillwell

Assistant Teaching Professor, Management & Organizational Development
PhD Business Administration, University of Minnesota

Stillwell's research broadly covers understanding the dynamics of flourishing and suffering in organizations.

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Headshot of Enio Velazco

Enio Velazco

Senior Lecturer, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD Operations Research, Case Western Reserve University

Velazco has over 25 years of global human resource executive and leadership experience. Prior to joining Northeastern, he led global HR transformations in the manufacturing, technology, and consulting industries. His areas of interest include strategic human resources, talent management, learning, organizational development, and business analytics. 

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headshot of Ruixiang Wang

Ruixiang Wang

Visiting Assistant Professor, Finance
PhD Finance, University of Missouri-Columbia

Wang's research interests include corporate governance, innovation, and consumption-based asset pricing.

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Annie Witte

Assistant Teaching Professor, Accounting
PhD Accounting, Bentley University

Witte's interests are focused on taxation, audit, introductory financial and managerial accounting, and accounting information systems.

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Headshot of Sarah Woodside

Sarah Woodside

Associate Teaching Professor, Management & Organizational Development
PhD Sociology, Social Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Boston College

Woodside's interests include effective organizational change, change management, collaboration, effective presentations, mentoring, and ethics. 

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Liang Zhao

Visiting Assistant Professor, Supply Chain & Information Management
PhD Management Information Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Liang's research interests focus on digital strategies of firms and the mechanisms through which digitization is transforming firms, markets, and industries. Specifically, he is focusing on the areas of competitive behaviors of firms and the role of digitization in shaping such behaviors.

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