Explore mock interview resources

Once an open position is applied for, D'Amore-McKim students often hear back from recruiters who are interested in scheduling an interview. The interview process can be daunting for some students, especially for those that have not experienced many before enrolling in the MBA program. With this in mind, the Graduate Career Center has created an opportunity for Full-Time MBA students to practice their interviewing skills with mock interviews. Mock interviews are excellent preparation for corporate residency and the full-time job search.

What is a mock interview?

Mock interviews are utilized at the Graduate Career Center in order to give students a valuable, live experience in an interview setting. After scheduling a mock interview, students visit the Graduate Career Center, in business attire, and are interviewed by a guest mock interviewer. Experienced business professionals from a wide array of backgrounds conduct the interviews, exposing students to different interview styles while putting their best self and qualifications on the table.

Mock interviewers ask students a series of informational and behavioral questions to assess their preparation for real interviews. By doing so, strong points can be highlighted, as well as areas that may need some improvement. In addition to verbal feedback, mock interviews are recorded, enabling students to actually see their strengths and weaknesses.

Mock Interview Tips

  • Prepare for a mock interview as you would for a “real” interview.
  • Be clear, confident and concise while responding. By preparing beforehand, whether it's finding out more information on a specific company or answering tough practice questions, responses will appear well-thought-out.
  • Be authentic and genuine in responses. An unique response (that is still appropriate to the question being asked) will set you apart from other applicants.
  • Brand yourself. Be sure to make dress appropriately, come prepared with resume, cover letters and other requested materials.

First year full time MBA students derive valuable feedback from conducting both in person and telephone mock interviews which enhances their performance in their residency interviews. First year full-time MBA students are required to complete both a live and a telephone mock interview prior to participation in the Corporate Residency Interview Day. Eligible students and alumni can arrange mock interviews as needed with their Career Advisor once they are eligible for advisor services.