How it works

Bring innovation in-house by handpicking five teams of up to five people doing important projects. We relentlessly keep them focused on ‘the need' with a virtuous cycle of feedback and refinement.

The Crucial First Filter: The ‘Need'

In a world overrun by ideas, this method ensures you're not just churning out “good” ones, but actionable, value-driven ideas that stand up to real-world challenges that can help you outmaneuver competition.

We don't just drop ideas into one end of the pipeline and hope they come out refined at the other end. Instead, we introduce a crucial first step: the ‘Need'. Here, your teams, led by a senior advisor, establish the audience for the NABC Value Proposition. It might be a boss. It might be a funder or another key stakeholder.

Then teams present using the NABC Framework and the Senior Advisor guides them to clarify the true need in the market or with their constituents. What problem are they solving? Who exactly needs this solution? They dig deep, ask hard questions, and then the teams iterate collectively.

Refining the ‘Need'

Once ‘Need' is hardwired into your team's psyche, and the teams refine their language around the customer and the market need as the most vital part of the story, their ideas are examined using ‘Approach,' ‘Benefits per Cost,' and ‘Competition'. Think of these as filtration systems, each refining the idea while keeping it aligned with that initial ‘Need.'

Along the way, they may discard less viable ideas, modify them, but ultimately, we help ensure the most robust and actionable products or services make it to the end of the line. This isn't just a touch-up; it's a transformative process that ensures their solution has a competitive edge and a market waiting for it.

Let NABC Value Creation be the quality control and catalyst for your organization's pool of ideas. Dr. Carlson and his team of seasoned collaborators and industry professionals will take your teams on a transformative journey to streamline your organization's pipeline of ideas, filter out the non-viable ones, and accelerate the best toward groundbreaking innovation.

The Gathering Point: Value Creation Forums

Some pipelines lead to periodic gathering points—a reservoir where the flow accumulates to be evaluated and examined for rejection or further refinement. That's our Value Creation Forums. Here, by leveraging artificial intelligence tools and through live sessions (online or in-person), teams share their meticulously crafted NABC Value Propositions, each one a testament to the identified ‘Need.' They will also cross-pollinate with other teams, adding layers of insights to their ideas.

Quality Control: Senior Advisors

Our Senior Advisors act as quality control engineers. These sage coaches have at least 25 years of industry experience and act to ensure your teams' ideas are not just funneled through the pipeline but are guided by the identified Need. They keep the teams on course, coach mentors in an apprenticeship model, search for future Senior Advisors for your organization, and ask hard questions to keep the teams rooted in market demands, not just their own brilliance.

Quality Control Apprentices: Value Creation Certified Mentors
Imagine a team of internal navigators adept at steering ideas through the complexities of your organization. They're not just any employees; they're your Value Creation Certified Mentors. Handpicked for their leadership promise and growth potential, these are the folks you trust to guide the next generation of idea-makers in your company and keep championing the NABC Value Creation Method across your organization.

With at least five years of industry experience under their belts, these Mentors have already proven their mettle. They've gone through the Practitioner Certification, absorbing the NABC Value Creation Method, and are prepared to apprentice under our Senior Advisors I order to transfer this wisdom to your next cohort of Practitioners.

But that's not the endgame.

Full-Circle: A Select Few Go from Mentor to Senior Advisor

After apprenticing under our Senior Advisors and gaining deep experience and wisdom in their careers, a talented few will be ready to become your company's internal squad of Senior Advisors—capable of guiding even the most ambitious projects to their rightful destination and the wisdom to know when to let a project go. Your Value Creation Certified Mentors aren't just employees; they're the lifeblood of your organization's innovation process.

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