Introductory Workshop

Join us April 23 at the introductory workshop for D’Amore-McKim’s Value Creation through Innovation corporate learning initiative. Bring colleagues, work together and learn how your organization can repeatedly capture the value potential in your innovations.

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The Value Creation Learning System

  • Introductory workshops to establish the Value Creation concepts with your leaders and creative technical professionals
  • Intensive, customized, cross-functional working sessions that use the methodology to bring initial ideas to high value innovations
  • Follow-up attention from Curt and Len to ensure successful implementation
  • Train the Trainer programs to prepare your own cadre of facilitators to bring the Value Creation methodology in-house
  • Digital scalable programs for the full enterprise, available online and at any time

Our Partners

Value Creation Methodology

The Carlson & Polizzotto methodology works. It has been developed, tested and refined for decades with a wide range of different partners, organizations and industries.

Few people better understand value creation or how to create a high-value organization. Curt and Len’s emphasis on the central importance of the value proposition was a profound advance in value creation best practices.

VP, global networking equipment manufacturer

I was amazed. After our senior management team came back they told me that 80% of our initiatives had no real value for our customers or the corporation. And, for the first time, they could explain why!

CEO, semiconductor manufacturer

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