With the NABC Value Creation Method, not only do your teams get on the same page about where they're headed, but they also become far more convincing when rallying leadership, funders, customers, and constituents.

Curt Carlson, Founder of the NABC Value Creation Method

Purposeful innovation is where need anchors great ideas. It succeeds only when end-users embrace and adopt those ideas.

Innovation is not just about pushing ideas through a pipeline. The best way to get from point A (concept) to point B (adoption) is to steer your teams' ideas with such deliberate precision, so much so that leadership, funders, and—most importantly—your end-users are compelled to embrace and amplify them.

Imagine a system operating right inside your organization where your teams' ideas are not just flowing but also getting shared, evaluated, refined, polished, and honed…all with your stakeholder's actual needs firmly in mind. That's not just service; that's true innovation. This is what the NABC Value Creation Method can do for you and your teams.

How we work with you.

We offer an initial 3-hour workshop focused on the basics of the NABC Value Creation Method, followed by an optional six-month subscription for more in-depth, expert-led training. The goal is to identify a select group of your employees to serve as mentors, equipping them with the skills to independently run the program within your organization.

Curt Carlson

Curt Carlson is more than just the mastermind behind the NABC Value Creation Method; he's a trailblazer in innovation whose transformative contributions have left an indelible mark on technology.

Change the narrative for those who ‘just have a great idea'.

We have all been there, cheerleaders of our own ideas – convinced of its need in the market. This usually ends up missing the mark with the customer or stakeholder. How do we help teams change the narrative?

The NABC Value Creation program can help your teams to zero in on what really matters: the needs of your users, customers, or stakeholders. Whether you're a startup or an established company, the process helps guide teams to evaluate their ideas, discard those that don't work, or modify them to meet the needs of the audience. The key is focusing on the need and creating a shared language for your teams.

Let us help you make smarter choices and get better results.

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Len Polizotto, Executive in Residence
D'Amore-McKim Executive in Residence

Len Polizzotto

A centerpiece of Polizzotto's work has been the study, application, and teaching of innovation best practices, including “Value Factor Analysis” for maximizing the value of new products.
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Fouse Consulting Services

Scott Fouse

A former VP with Lockheed Martin, Fouse has led three R&D organizations which have had a focus on Intelligent Systems in addition to other advanced technologies.
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