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D'Amore-McKim's Experience Powered Learning

D'Amore-McKim's Experience Powered Learning Opens in Modal

Integrating classroom instruction and academic thinking with authentic, experience-powered learning is what we do best at D'Amore-McKim. It's an approach that expands your knowledge base, develops your creative mindset, and prepares you to meet the shifting demands of today's business world. 

As a Part-Time MBA student, you'll apply your learnings to actual business challenges to build your skills and confidence—preparing you to pursue more significant roles. You'll benefit from personal, face-to-face interaction with seasoned faculty members who are innovators, entrepreneurs, advisers, and executives at leading firms, gaining invaluable insights through coursework based on their real-world experience. You'll take on applied projects under their direction, receive constructive feedback, and build connections that can last a lifetime. 

Your opportunities for transformative experience extend outside the classroom as well:

Apply to be part of the team that recommends stocks and manages investments for the 360 Huntington Fund. Launched in 2008, this nearly $1.5 million student-managed mutual fund represents experiential learning in its purest form.

Get intense exposure to the global business environment with this elective course, which immerses you in the business practices and culture of another country.

In this elective week-long residency, you'll meet with members of Congress, senior civil servants, business executives, lobbyists, and other officials to learn firsthand how public policy affects the U.S. and global economies.

Access almost any piece of information you need about global markets and business using the powerful research and analysis tools leveraged by the financial services industry.

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