About Kerrian

Hometown: West Orange, NJ
Previous University: Boston College
Undergraduate Major: BA in Applied Psychology and Human Development

Q: What was your background before coming to Northeastern? 

A: I grew up in New Jersey, the daughter of two hardworking Guyanese immigrants, and therefore a first-generation student. I moved to Boston to pursue my undergraduate degree and then worked as the site director of a local, school-age program. Currently, I am an Assistant Director of Communications for Education Innovation and a co-founder of a brand consulting studio.  

Q: Why did you choose the Part-Time MBA at D'Amore-McKim? 

A: Northeastern felt like the natural choice for my MBA because of its flexibility; I could advance my degree while maintaining a work-life balance. The schedule fits nicely into my professional timeline because I'm able to build educational and practical knowledge simultaneously. Around the same time I began my MBA, I started a business with a friend. The part-time course schedule allowed me to take classes about building a business venture while actually building a business venture.  

Q: Tell me about the business you co-founded: Fruit Juice Studio.  

A: Fruit Juice Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio dedicated to building profitable Black brands. We focus on consulting, branding, and creative direction. When we were establishing ourselves as an agency, my partner and I were able to legitimize our business through Northeastern Law's Community Business Clinic. They helped us become an LLC and take those important first steps for our business. Northeastern's focus on innovation and pushing businesses into the future meant we could access resources supporting budding ventures like ours. 

The Part-Time MBA program has been invaluable to my role as a business owner. My classes have taught me how to plan and structure a business, manage a budget, project company needs, and make wise financial decisions. 

Q: How do your interests fit into your MBA?  

A: My passion is people. I find fulfillment in understanding people and how we interact with the world around us. This led me to an interest in neuromarketing, the intersection of psychology and marketing. I use findings on consumer behavior to inform clients' branding, marketing, and communication decisions. I chose a concentration in brand management to continue my interest in psychology and a concentration in entrepreneurship to align with my goal of being a successful business owner.  

I see myself as a strategist, a creative, and a storyteller, so branding and marketing were the perfect fit. The MBA program offers me the flexibility I need to pursue my interests while working full-time and launching a business. My MBA is developing me as a consultant, an entrepreneur, and a marketer. 

Q: What advice do you have for future students? 
A: There are many more opportunities and industry pockets in the business world than you might think. There is a space where your interests and business intersect. Do not be afraid to go into business. You have something to offer. Consider the areas you naturally excel in and pursue opportunities from there. 

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