About Avik

Hometown: Avon, CT  
Previous Degree: BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Previous University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Q: Tell me about your background before your MBA

A: I grew up in Connecticut and moved to Massachusetts to pursue my electrical and computer engineering bachelor's degree. I wanted to work in computer engineering and be in a field where I could make a positive impact. I work at a medical technology company focused on breast cancer surgery. I know my work improves people's lives, and I think it is a good steppingstone towards future opportunities in the medical field where I can continue to make a positive impact.

Q: Why did you choose D'Amore-McKim? 

A: A collaborative and inclusive environment is important to me. Coming from an Indian background, I wanted a school that emphasizes diversity and inclusion. I also wanted to continue the project-based curriculum from my undergrad. D'Amore-McKim's focus on experiential-learning seemed like a great way to further develop my communication and teamwork skills. My employer works with Northeastern co-ops, so I was aware of Northeastern's strong relationship with various organizations in the area. I liked how D'Amore-McKim prepares students for the challenges faced in the corporate world through an experiential curriculum. I learn best when I can apply what I've learned right away.

Q: You earned your MS from Northeastern. Why did you decide to pursue your MBA afterward?

A: I thoroughly enjoyed the Master's program, so returning to Northeastern was an easy choice. The Part-Time MBA program was the right fit for me at the time, both professionally and financially, as I could take courses during the week after my working hours. The ability to stack the credits earned during my Master's program and apply them to my MBA was invaluable and made the entire process much more convenient. After earning my MS, I worked at a start-up, where I was exposed to new areas of business I hadn't engaged with before. I thought back to those core classes I took at D'Amore-McKim and realized I wanted to contribute to these conversations outside my field.

Q: How have you applied your MBA to your current position?

A: Northeastern's faculty emphasize how to apply our coursework to real-world scenarios. My MBA coursework has prepared me for new responsibilities. I've learned a lot about the functions of other departments outside my own, giving me a more holistic picture of all parts of a business. I also better understand my company and the biotech sector because I could relate my coursework to my professional work. I can now confidently make decisions that positively impact the company's future. Ultimately, I hope to move into a leadership role, and my MBA coursework has been a great asset as I pursue that goal.

Q: Would you recommend the Part-Time MBA program to prospective students?

A: Absolutely. The professors here are incredible and genuinely care about furthering our education and our careers. They're always available outside class for extra support and to answer questions about their work experience. There's a real sense of community with your professors and peers. I started my graduate experience in a specialty master's program, and I was nervous that the other students already knew each other and it would be hard to get involved. I didn't need to worry about this—there were so many social gatherings, and I got to know my peers right away. I credit that to Northeastern's focus on inclusivity and community. I've met people from many different backgrounds and industries, and we have much to learn from each other.


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