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Learn the ins-and-outs of startups to prepare to fully immerse yourself in a new business venture

Develop insight and understand the distinct challenges, opportunities, and practices of family businesses

A fast-changing business world is putting finance front and center, with financial knowledge seen as essential to effective management.

A seamless blend of skills in technology with finance help prepare you for the future

Available to BS in International Affairs and International Business majors. Rigorous, analytical thinking with a global outlook.

Working in healthcare requires knowledge and skills in several cutting-edge areas such as service delivery innovation, process and quality improvement, talent management, analytics, and supply chain management.

Available as a second concentration only. Possessing a knowledge of how people, firms, and institutions interact across borders provides International Business concentrators with a competitive edge.

Effective managers must know the business, be interpersonally competent, behave ethically, and diagnose human and organizational dynamics.

Develop the cutting-edge technical and problem-solving skills that are in high demand by employers.

Product design, research, pricing, packaging, transportation, advertising, selling, and servicing: marketing impacts every one of these essential aspects of business.