Discover 'the art of finance'

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As your first year draws to a close, you'll take an important professional step and declare a concentration in at least one of our principal fields of business. If you choose finance as your concentration, you'll focus on one or more of the following areas: corporate finance, investments and portfolio analysis, financial risk management, and real estate. You'll learn how economic systems operate and how money markets work within those systems, analyzing the trends from the movement and distribution of money

To manage an effective business, you'll need an awareness of the financial scene, rising securities prices, fluctuating inflation and interest rates, and scarcity of capital. A finance concentration will prepare you with the knowledge required to pursue a career in financial management, security analysis, investment management, private equity, venture capital, financial consulting, risk management, and insurance.

Curriculum Details

Find the full set of Finance concentration requirements in Northeastern's Course Catalog. Concentrations complement the business degree programs offered, the BS in Business Administration and the BS in International Business

Upper-level students: Please consult the Course Catalog appropriate to your class year and your academic advisor to ensure your coursework is on track.

Finance stood out to me as a complex and interesting field to study. I wanted to know what the stock market was, what it does, and why it is important. I was eager to understand the science of money.

Ntsoaki Rampa, BSBA'17

Whether it was a specific piece of knowledge that applied to a work project or a stronger grasp of the fundamentals of finance, my concentration classes greatly augmented by capabilities while on co-op and for post-graduation.

Matt Loomes, BSBA'17