Power your learning with experience

Experience-powered learning runs throughout the program. In the core curriculum, you'll work on two real-world business challenges, one focused on competing in a changing business environment and the other on a business social responsibility issue. The program includes additional elective experience-powered learning segments you choose from a set of options.

In the first challenge, you'll take on the role of a c-level executive grappling with setting strategy in a changing business world. You'll work in a team with fellow students and consult with current or recently retired senior executives playing the part of CEO – and then make your recommendations. Based on feedback from the CEO, you'll make adjustments. In the process, you'll deepen your knowledge of the business subjects you've studied, learn how to apply that knowledge to critical issues in real-world situations, and hone skills, particularly the human skills so pivotal to business success.

Experience-powered learning focuses on challenges that both sharpen your skills for immediate impact and develop capabilities for effectiveness and leadership as the business world changes.

The following opportunities are some of our most popular…

Boost your on-the-job decision-making experience in this course built entirely around one ambitious, perspective-changing project. You'll tackle a high-level business challenge for a real company and get face-to-face feedback from experienced C-suite executives.  

Get intense exposure to the global business environment with this elective course, which immerses you in the business practices and culture of another country.

In this elective week-long residency, you'll meet with members of Congress, senior civil servants, business executives, lobbyists, and other officials to learn firsthand how public policy affects the U.S. and global economies.

Access almost any piece of information you need about global markets and business using the powerful research and analysis tools leveraged by the financial services industry.

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