Elevate your expertise with real experience 

Experience is the most powerful teacher of all. At Northeastern University, experience-powered learning is personalized and context-driven—empowering you to understand and solve consequential problems.  Our Online MBA program sets itself apart by offering direct, real-life experience throughout the curriculum. You'll build hard business skills alongside invaluable human skills that prepare you for the complexities of today's workplace, making you more resilient, productive, and confident.  


Experiential (EXPO) credits


Societal challenge credits


Optional electives and applied learning

We've taken the traditional MBA model—which offers classes with projects attached—and turned it on its head. Here, you'll take on projects with classes attached, which emphasizes your decision-making—how you gather and analyze information, whose input you need, and how you influence stakeholders. Very few OMBA programs can say they offer this.

Mark Dockser, Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship and Innovation  

Our signature EXPO courses  

Through our EXPO courses, you'll solve a business challenge from a 30,000-foot view. You'll apply the principles you learn in class to solve relevant business challenges and learn what real companies value. You won't be taking a class that features a project—you'll be tackling a project with a course built around it, interacting with senior industry executives and leaders, and getting their insights and their candid feedback. 

The projects you'll be undertaking are an unprecedented opportunity to learn from people you aspire to become in 10 years. You'll interact with mentors and industry experts who will give candid insights. It's a chance to learn live, on the spot, and change the way you approach problem-solving.

John Bai, Associate Professor of Finance; Online MBA Faculty Director

Innovative societal challenge courses 

By making business decisions that benefit communities, cultures, and our environment, business leaders have tremendous power to create positive change. Social and environmental concerns are top of mind for today's executives who are cognizant of their shareholders' goals and priorities. In your core course, you'll focus on the challenges businesses face as they embrace Corporate Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental and Sustainable Governance (ESG). You'll then choose one of two project-based EXPO electives where you'll put your core learnings into practice. 

Societal Challenges in DEI

Address a real organizational challenge related to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace—building your confidence as a leader on this critical issue.  

Earn elective credits—and travel while you learn

Consider applying for optional travel-based electives outside of the Online MBA curriculum courses, where you'll interact face-to-face with talented graduate business students from across programs, enriching your perspective and building your network. 

International flags

Global Field Study

Get intense exposure to the global business environment with this elective course, which immerses you in the business practices and culture of another country.
Washington, DC Skyline

Washington, DC Residency

In this elective week-long residency, you'll meet with members of Congress, senior civil servants, business executives, lobbyists, and other officials to learn firsthand how public policy affects the U.S. and global economies.

Gain non-credit experience

Some of your most meaningful learning can happen outside your formal curriculum—take advantage of these non-credit opportunities to expand your knowledge base. You can engage in and short-term work experiences through the D'Amore-McKim Graduate Career Center.

Emalie Hermans and Bailey Kane, both college of engineering students graduating in 2019, work in the IDEA lab in Hayden Hall

IDEA Student-Led Venture Accelerator

Get comprehensive support to bring your big idea to market—or volunteer to coach budding startups on finance, marketing, or business strategy.
users sitting in the Bloomberg lab

Bloomberg Business Lab

Access almost any piece of information you need about global markets and business using the powerful research and analysis tools leveraged by the financial services industry.


The search for meaningful work experience can be challenging, especially when juggling a busy class schedule. A micro-internship may be the answer you're looking for.
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Virtual Work Experience Programs

Virtual work experiences allow you to “work” for a real firm, but in a simulated format—so you can build your skills and your personal brand and explore what your day-to-day could look like working in different industries.