Take on the role of a C-suite business executive


required credits


feedback sessions with faculty and C-suite leaders 


live final presentation to C-suite leaders 

A successful business leader is resilient above all else, and the best way to beef up resilience is through developing and applying skills in a real-world experience. In this intensive seven-week course in our Online MBA program, you'll solve real business challenges by adopting the role of a C-suite executive and tackling an issue from a 360-degree perspective. 

You'll work as part of an ad hoc leadership team to answer a high-level question for a leading company—immersing completely in a complex challenge and interacting with faculty, classmates, and experienced C-suite executives as you chart a unique solution.

You'll benefit from the full power of Northeastern's faculty, resources, and business network all in one challenging, highly immersive project. This experience can make you more resilient, more productive, and more valuable to your company from day one. I think you'll also find the lessons you learn apply not just professionally, but personally.

Mark Dockser, Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Seven-week timeline

What you'll do

  • Adopt the role of a C-suite leader — preferably a role different from your real professional experience and outside your industry
  • Work as a team with guidance from C-suite executives to answer a strategic, open-ended question critical to the company's success that you will then recommend to your CEO
  • Identify important resources that are available to solve the problem and map your unique path to the solution
  • Receive dynamic guidance through video instruction, Q&A sessions, and two feedback sessions with seasoned C-suite executives that will critique your work and challenge you on your approach
  • Keep a journal of your efforts to track important feedback, record insights, and reflect on your successes and challenges
  • Present your recommendation to your CEO via a live presentation, receive detailed feedback on your final product, and compare results with other teams who worked on the same challenge

How you'll benefit

  • Build confidence and spark your creativity by diving into a complex challenge and exploring real solutions
  • Become more resilient by stepping out of your comfort zone, understanding different perspectives, and solving problems outside of your chosen industry
  • Expand your business perspective by immersing yourself in the roles of senior leaders in all functional areas, significantly improving your decision-making skills
  • Utilize your project journal as a reference for solving new challenges on the job
  • Add experience to your resumé to jump-start your transition to a new career or to show your readiness for more responsibility

How to enroll

  • Register for EEBA 6401, Experiential Business Decision Making, once you've completed your core courses in finance, accounting, strategy, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship. 

This course will start to introduce you to the various uncertainties and complexities one faces when making decisions in the real world. It's the perfect testing ground for the organic blending and utilization of your hard and soft skills.

John Bai, Associate Professor of Finance; Online MBA Faculty Director

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Eligible programs

Earn credit for your participation in the EXPO Business Decision Making course through…

Online MBA

Earn an MBA degree that develops your knowledge, effectiveness, and leadership abilities more deeply than traditional online MBAs—in an all-virtual, customizable format.