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The Corporate Residency Advantage

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MS in Accounting/MBA corporate residency process

Corporate Residency

Your MS in Accounting/MBA paid corporate residency gives you real experience working in accounting before you even graduate from the program—plus the chance to build your network at a Big 4 or other globally known accounting firm. During your three-month residency, you'll be paired with a seasoned mentor for one-on-one guidance.

This residency definitely isn't about watching from the sidelines—it's a fast-paced, exciting immersion in the day-to-day realities of a top accounting firm. You'll be working at the associate level during accounting's busy season, so you'll have real responsibilities and solve problems as part of a team. You'll be able to apply the lessons you're learning in the classroom and tackle challenges that will boost your confidence.

Take note: 99 percent of our graduates are hired by the firms that hosted their corporate residencies.

The residency placement process is important and you should prepare for it. Consider doing research to educate yourself on the various organizations. During interviews, be yourself and try not to stress because it's important to come across authentically. Meet as many people as you can at all different levels from each organization to get a feel for the culture.

SHAWN HANRAHAN, MS in Accounting/MBA'02

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The accounting corporate residency enabled me to build the self-confidence necessary to excel at work and also gave me the opportunity to develop strong relationships within the company that will help me begin my full-time career on the right foot.”

Victoria Sponsel, MS in Accounting/MBA'18