Learn by doing

The integration of academic thinking with authentic, experience-powered learning is fast becoming the proven method for developing the skills needed to meet today's business world demands. No one has greater experience evolving and applying this approach than the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. It's an approach that allows students to expand their knowledge base beyond the classroom.

Our MS in Accounting/MBA students learn from faculty that have extensive industry backgrounds in their fields. Students are guided through project-based learning and surrounded by classmates with diverse and professional backgrounds, creating a powerful fusion of experience and skills.

“Our program is very focused on building the specific skills needed to both pass the CPA exam and succeed in public accounting. While much of this knowledge is developed in the classroom, the program has done a wonderful job of supplementing courses with experience-driven learning opportunities, such as workshops and networking events to make sure that we will be able to build skills on a personal and professional level.”


As an MS in Accounting/MBA student, you'll have ample opportunities to dive headfirst into experiences that will give you a fresh perspective and in-demand skills. In this program, you can . . .

  • Work on the front line of an accounting firm during their busy season with Corporate Residency
  • Join Compass to gain real industry experience working face-to-face with growing businesses in need of financial services during their starting phases
  • Apply to join the student management team of the 360 Huntington Fund

A transformative experience-powered learning opportunity is integrated into the program allowing you to work on the front line of an accounting firm for three months during their busy season. You'll start your required residency in February.

Gain real industry experience by working face-to-face with growing businesses in need of financial services during their starting phases. These special requests range from tax support to budgeting and analysis.

Apply to be part of the team that recommends stocks and manages investments for the 360 Huntington Fund. Launched in 2008, this nearly $1 million student-managed mutual fund represents experiential learning in its purest form.

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Kellianne Frankel

Recruiting Specialist, Graduate School of Professional Accounting