Interdisciplinary Students

Earn a Graduate Certificate During your Master's Program

Are you fascinated by the world of tech start-ups? Do you scribble innovative business ideas in the margins of your notebooks? Have you always wondered how entrepreneurs find and secure corporate and venture capital?

Even if you have chosen to pursue a non-business master's degree, there is an opportunity to incorporate business education into your graduate studies. Interdisciplinary student status allows you to pursue your business interests, add new skills to your resume, and earn another credential—all without adding any additional credits to your graduate course load.

Graduate degree students pursuing a Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems Management or Master of Arts in Journalism and are in good academic standing may pursue a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship during their studies. All that is required is a simple, internal graduate certificate application form.

Diversifying Your Northeastern Education

Declaring interdisciplinary student status is an opportunity to add business education to your area of graduate focus. Earning a D'Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship will allow you to gain new skills, diversify your resume, and differentiate yourself from other job applicants.

Business skills are helpful in all professional industries. Through your certificate studies, you will learn effective communication techniques, develop additional confidence with project-based work, and hone your problem-solving abilities. Additionally, you will deepen your understanding of the tech industry. Journalism students may find that this extra training sharpens their ability to report on tech industry news. Certificate coursework may allow engineers to speak more fluently about disruptive technologies at start-up job interviews.

Above all, a D'Amore-McKim Graduate Certificate will enhance your master's degree by encouraging you to think like an entrepreneur. No matter where your career takes you, you'll find that the creative thinking taught at D'Amore-McKim gives you an extra advantage—whether it is in the board room, at the drafting board, or behind the news desk.

As an engineer, I wanted to learn how business works in real life so I can be ready to work on a corporate level whenever it's needed. I was able to become an interdisciplinary student which meant that I could earn my Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship at the same time.

Yazeed Bokhari, GC in Entrepreneurship '17/MS in Engineering Management '17


The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship requires 12 credits. Interdisciplinary Students can typically apply these courses towards their degree program as electives.

Eligibility Requirements


Matriculated students in the College of Engineering and College of Arts, Media, and Design are eligible to pursue Interdisciplinary Student status after completing their first semester of graduate study.

Pre-Approved Masters Programs

Students who are earning their Master of Science in Engineering Management may declare themselves an Interdisciplinary Student by simply submitting this Internal Graduate Certificate Application. No additional application, test scores, transcripts, or approvals are required.

Approval-Required Masters Programs

Students enrolled in other master's program in the College of Engineering or College of Arts, Media, and Design may also wish to pursue Interdisciplinary Student status. If you are interested in doing so, the first step is to speak with your enrollment counselor early in your graduate program studies. When possible, it is ideal to have this conversation during your first semester of graduate study because the certificate credits may fulfill your degree elective requirements.

If approval is granted by both departments, declaring Interdisciplinary Student status requires only a simple form. No additional application, test scores, or transcripts will be required.