Piero Gallegos, Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship'18, MS in Technological Entrepreneurship'19*

Since the beginning of my professional career, I was always curious about improving processes and using technology to simplify tasks. That interest brought me to lead the design and development of different tools and systems. Some of these initiatives had significant success and others were simply great experiences. One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is designing a system that was able to track, assess, and improve the competitiveness of local small businesses that provided services to the mining industry. 

Having these experiences under my belt, I felt it was time to pursue graduate education and boost my career. In my search, I identified D'Amore-McKim's Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship. The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship provided me with the tools and ability to understand and learn about entrepreneurship with a different vision than the one I already had. The program caught my interest and complimented my desire to expand through the entrepreneurial world. Likewise, during the program, I could find answers to some missteps I made previously in my endeavors and, even more importantly, how to avoid them in the future. As I progressed in the program, I became even more enthusiastic. I realized that I was learning a lot from my professors and classmates and that I did not want to lose the opportunity to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. That notion led me to continue my studies with a Master's in Technological Entrepreneurship.   

From technology basics to an understanding of why the digital world is changing so fast, the entrepreneurship program gives you a privileged view of what's next and how to take advantage of it.

Piero Gallegos, GCE'18, MSTE'19

For me, the MS in Technological Entrepreneurship program was the perfect blend of entrepreneurship and technology. Today, technology-based companies are experiencing incredible growth and providing a large variety of solutions to the growing digital economy. From technology basics to an understanding of why the digital world is changing so fast, the MSTE program gives you a privileged view of what's next and how to take advantage of it. In addition, the MS in Technological Entrepreneurship provides the resources that any entrepreneur needs to understand, build and run a new venture. Through the program, I learned how to develop a robust and dynamic business plan as well as how to build a successful platform business. I also strengthened my skills in designing a compelling go-to-market strategy, lean design development,  and financing ventures, thanks to the insights that I got from investors and case protagonists. 

Currently I'm working with a partner to launch a startup. We are very excited about our new venture, and at the same time, we are conscious of the great effort it demands. Thankfully, I trust that what I learned in my programs will play a large role in the success of this venture. As my partner told me when I finished the program, “Congrats, I am sure what you learned at NU will be crucial to succeeding on this challenging journey.”  

Looking to the future, I hope to be leading a novel and disruptive startup. I know of course there will be many trails and errors, and while I don't know how many, this is simply part of innovation. Thanks to D'Amore-McKim and the Technological Entrepreneurship program, I can continue to go after my long-life dream of being an entrepreneur. Both programs were mind-opening experiences and a great source of knowledge to boost my performance as I venture down this unpredictable career path.

*The D'Amore-McKim MS in Technological Entrepreneurship is no longer enrolling. If this testimonial inspired you, we now offer our MS x program with a concentration in entrepreneurship.