Build your resumé by consulting for innovative organizations


elective credit


months of consulting work 


presentation to the client's leadership 

To be a business leader in today's climate, you need to be able to understand, diagnose, and solve strategic problems using the latest analytical tools and technologies. Through a semester-long elective course, you can work with a team of fellow students on a consulting project for one of our employer partners in the United States—and add valuable experience to your resumé. You'll work directly with company leaders, developing innovative solutions that make a real impact. 

Your consulting engagement may involve almost any industry and may span several functional areas, including finance, marketing, and strategy. Our typical employer partners feature early-stage ventures and start-up firms, providing access to senior leaders that will share insight and guidance.

I worked with a diverse team to help our clients establish a clear business strategy aligned with their short-term and long-term goals. We conducted market research and evaluated the market potential. The project helped me improve my strategy, critical thinking, and market research abilities while strengthening my communication skills.

Andrea Blanco, Full-Time MBA

Your timeline

Begin your consulting project in the spring semester of your first year. Research and analyze for about two months. Submit final deliverables and present them to stakeholders in April.

What you'll do

  • Work with a team to research and analyze a current business problem for a company or startup based in the United States
  • Meet with company leaders to define the challenge and discover information 
  • Explore intriguing ideas and potential solutions as a team—with an emphasis on forward-looking tech innovations and digital solutions 
  • Deliver a meaningful recommendation to the client's leadership team for potential solutions and next steps  

How you'll benefit

  • Develop a disciplined, structured framework for making decisions  
  • Through client and faculty feedback, discover your analytical strengths and identify areas for improvement 
  • Grow your professional network and build a resilient mindset 

How to get involved

Seize a unique opportunity through this three-credit elective to consult with a U.S.-based company. Your student advisor will notify you when the application process opens. To indicate interest, complete the application for this experiential education elective course (BUSN 6351). Be sure to indicate your preferences for a functional area and industry from the available list so faculty can best match you with a project aligned with your interests and goals.

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Eligible programs

Earn credit for your participation in the Domestic Consulting Project through any of the following…