We are undergoing a digital revolution and the amount of data available is growing at an exponential rate as businesses leverage more smart technologies and devices. Business leaders that understand how imperative it is to discover and describe the story in the data will be uniquely poised for success.

MBA x Data Science concentration completely reimagines a traditional MBA through a forward-looking collection of courses offered in partnership with Northeastern's Khoury College of Computer Sciences. Under the expert guidance of Khoury's award-winning professors, you'll dive into computational modeling, data collection and integration, storage and retrieval, processing, analytics, and visualization.

Employers value business leaders with a technical skills and deep subject matter expertise who can thrive in an environment of digital convergence. With courses in database system management, machine learning, and data mining, you'll be ready for a sophisticated career in a fast-growing industry.

Computer science background is not required. If you have a degree in computer science, no prerequisites are required. If your degree is not in computer science, you will start with 16 credits of computer science bridge courses to prepare you for the MBA x Data Science concentration coursework.

Programs offering this concentration

Additionally offered for LLM/MBA.