Students who select the five-year program will follow an established business core curriculum, including an introduction to business course, accounting, finance, marketing and other required business classes. They are also required to take classes outside of business, providing a well-rounded education. Additionally, students may choose to take electives in other colleges at Northeastern University, giving them the opportunity to explore other areas of interest.

Students select their primary business concentration during their freshman year but have the flexibility to change or add another concentration as they learn more about business through their course work and co-op experiences. As students continue to work toward their degree, they follow the core business curriculum which incorporates courses from their selected concentration. A capstone strategy course provides a final that integrates the student’s coursework and co-ops in the senior year. The program offers two six-month co-ops with an option for a third.

Five Year Model A: 3 Co-op/Summer II-Fall

FallSpringSummer 1Summer 2
SophomoreSchoolSchoolVacationCo-op 1
MiddlerCo-op 1SchoolSchoolCo-op 2
JuniorCo-op 2SchoolSchoolCo-op 3
SeniorCo-op 3School

Five Year Model B: 3 Co-op/Spring-Summer I

FallSpringSummer 1Summer 2
SophomoreSchoolCo-op 1Co-op 1School
MiddlerSchoolCo-op 2Co-op 2School
JuniorSchoolCo-op 3Co-op 3Vacation